Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Let there be light

It's been a very exciting week around here.  Remember our power outage problem this past summer? 

The power company finally got back out here to replace our street light.

Can you call it a "street light" when it lights up a private driveway??


The  power company people showed up and replaced our light.  They apologized for it taking so long for them to get back out here.  Apparently they are very short staffed and we'd been on the schedule four different times but each time, a car had wiped out a power pole somewhere else and that repair job took presedence.  Understandabley.

But it sure is nice to not need a flashlight to get from the car to the door at night.

So, in other words, I did Winterfest admin stuff all weekend and haven't even picked up the knitting needles in three days.  Yikes!

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  1. My dad worked for VEPCO for a while and that's just the sort of thing he did. He always talked about how grateful folks were when his crew showed up.