Tuesday, October 19, 2021

We're gonna need a bigger tree


We're definitely going to need a bigger tree!  

Guess that means I need to pause the mini mitten ornament knitting and go root through our storage units to find the Christmas stuff.  

It's starting to look like we may still be in this house for Christmas anyway so Mike can't complain but so much when I start dragging boxes of Christmas decorations in before Halloween. 

Meanwhile, I'm focusing on knitting mini mittens this week for Winterfest.  Thank goodness for my over abundant Wool of the Andes collection.  My love of buying random colored skeins is coming in handy!

And... Writing this post reminded me of the book, The Mitten.  Nana better be buying a copy for Hayden and adding a pair of mittens for her to the knitting list.  Actually, these ornament mittens might actually fit her. I'll have to check that out.


  1. Mittens are always fun to knit. I was told by Piper Sunday that her mittens have gotten too small so I guess I need to get going on a new pair for her.

  2. I used to read that book to my class every winter and knit a mitten from some wool I would spin to show them how it was done. They were fascinated by the process. I miss seeing my crafts through the eyes of my students. There was nothing I couldn't work into a lesson and I believe very strongly kids need to be exposed to the handcrafts as often as possible. So few are anymore.

  3. Hayden is getting so big! I had a tomboy and a girly-girl, and they have almost changed personalities now. LOL!

  4. love the mittens on the wee tree! nothing wrong than unearthing some boxes for the holidays.