Tuesday, October 5, 2021

It might choke Artie

 Any Little Rascals fans out there?

I'm head over heals with the color of these fingerless gloves.  They are knit with City Tweed DK in Artichoke.  And I cannot hear the word "artichoke" without thinking of Stymie's famous line, "It might choke Artie but it ain't gonna choke Stymie!"

Anyway, I'm loving that unusual green.  And the tweed.  What is it about tweed that screams Autumn to me?

And, shhh.... Last year that pumpkin was full of cotton balls so no one has thought to look in it this year.  This year, it contains Tootsie Rolls.  Sometimes you just have to hide your pre-Halloween candy in plain sight.

And because it's been a while...

Hayden looks so big until she goes out and stands beside Paw-Paw's truck.  Her giant neon green ball is casting a witchy glow onto the hubcap.  Apparently Hayden is going to be a soccer player.  She loves to kick her ball all over the yard.  

So, my question for the day is, have any of you done TKGA's Master Knitter program?  I want to take/do the course/program but....  What I really want is to have already completed the program.  I can't quite bring myself to commit that much time and money into something YouTube and a heck of a lot of practice could provide me basically for free.  If you've completed the program, do you feel it was worth it?  What was your experience?  Did you complete the entire program or just a part of the whole?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I haven't done the program, but honestly I wouldn't invest the time and money unless you're planning on doing something with the certification professionally. If you just want to improve your skills and understanding, there are much cheaper ways to do it.

  2. Love those mitts! I've got a big ole bag of City Tweed and I need to do something with it someday. It's such pretty yarn.
    Hayden looks so big now. She sure grew up fast!
    I've only heard of classes like that from some European bloggers who do that sort of thing. Sounds interesting but I doubt I would spend money on it when there are so many free online sources of instruction. It amazes me how many folks give away all this knowledge for free.

  3. I think tweed yarn is very "fally" too. Those mitts are great! Hayden is growing up fast. Piper turned 9 last week and our oldest granddaughter has her license and a car! I'm officially old!
    I agree with Sarah and Deb. So many people are giving information on utube that unless you're planning to turn professional, I wouldn't spend the money.

    1. Yikes! Grandchildren driving! At least, while you may worry about them, you don't have to pay for the car insurance. :)

  4. I went through the down time issue of your last post after my Covid illness. But now I am glad to say it's back to go-go-go!! Wait, maybe I should try to sit and be bored more often? Love your mitts!! And adore anything tweedy.