Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Back to Knitting

I took a mini break from the Winterfest knitting but I'm back to it now.  Thankfully!

I was feeling a little bit burned out on Winterfest knitting, or more like, I just felt like I needed to knit for me for a day instead of for Winterfest.  So I spent two days needlepointing. Ha!

And then there were a few days with family medical problems.  Nothing serious but...  Actually, it was serious, but nothing a few Epi pens couldn't fix.

And I had my class reunion.  It was a blast!  It was my 41st reunion.  Odd number I know, but our 40th got postponed due to Covid.  Our school was so small (and is no longer in existence) so every person who ever attended, the parents of those students, and every teacher who ever taught there was invited.  I am SO glad I wasn't the one in charge of tracking down all those students who only attended for a year or two 40 - 50 years ago or the numerous teachers who'd moved away, got married, got divorced or whatever other reason made them difficult to find.

The reunion ended up being so much fun!  Many of my old teachers were there, the boy I had a major crush on and hadn't seen since 5th grade was there, as well as most of my classmates and lots of old friends.  The food was awesome and the band was great.  It was a lot of fun.  

But the fun distractions are over.  Hopefully the medical emergencies are over too.  And it's time I refocus on Winterfest knitting.  

...So here I am, eating all the Halloween candy (again!,) watching Hallmark Christmas movies and knitting f-bombs.  Lots and lots of f-bombs.

What have you been up to?


  1. Nothing as exciting as you for sure! I delivered 107 pair of mittens to the school yesterday. We got physicals and Covid boosters today. Fun times!

  2. I guess my high school gave up on reunions. I've never heard a thing since the 10th one and I am easy to find. I still live in the area and I never changed my name.

  3. I've been up to having A-Fib again, even though the cardiologist said I had racing heart. Funny, my heart is skipping beats, not running! So, waiting to see if it stops or I need to go to a different cardiologist. Other than that, life is full of expecting baby and trying to keep my parents OUT of the hospital. LOL, always a fun time around here.

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