Friday, September 10, 2021


 We're having a very wet and soggy day today.

I'm afraid we've swum for the last time this year.  After Ida blew through last week, we had a few cooler days and the pool cooled down to 78 degrees.  Since then, we've had a few cooler days, several more rains, and it's supposed to be in the mid 50's several nights this week.  I imagine the water is even chillier now.  As long as the wind didn't blow, 78 degrees was okay once you got in and adjusted to it but much cooler than that and.... Well, no thanks!  I'm a little bit sad.  Actually, I'm a lot sad.  But I do have fall fever so...

I'm not even showing knitting photos today.  For the last two or three months I have knit nothing but furry headbands and cowls, a granny square baby blanket and beaded socks for Winterfest.  I feel like I've made 1,000 of each.  In reality, it was no where near that many but I have filled a Rubbermaid tub with finished items.  Well, the creating part was finished.  I hadn't woven in a single tail or sewn the ends of the headbands together... 

So for the last two days, I have done nothing but sew headband ends together and weave in yarn and cotton string tails.  I could have shown you a picture of the resulting pile of little bits of cut off yarn/string but I figured you wouldn't be that interested.

One thing you might be interested in though is The Vampire Knitting Club series by Nancy Warren.  It's part silly comedic vampires knitting, part mystery/detective stories.  So far, I've only read the first two in the series but I very much enjoyed them and think you will too.  There's also nothing scary as far as the paranormal stuff goes.  No need to fear if you are sensitive to that type of thing.  If you read the series, let me know what you think.

And suddenly, the last line of each paragrahp is centered and my computer won't allow me to correct it.  Dang it!


  1. We continue to have damp days after Ida blew through. I am just itching for FALL!!

  2. We have several friends with pools in Spokane.When we were there last week Paul jumped in their 68F pool just to cool down. He didn't stay in long! I think that was their last swim of the season too.

  3. It has gotten cold here at night for the last few days. I bet that water is cold. I see our water park has closed up and no one is on the beach much anymore.
    That look like a fun series. I have one around here somewhere like it. Knitting and murder. What could be

  4. It definitely feels like fall here today. I'm lovin' it!