Tuesday, September 14, 2021

On and off the needles

My knitting has been all over the place lately.  The pinched nerve in my back is still pinched and I'm still taking massive quantities of extra strength Tylenol and the occasional muscle relaxer.  And, CBD gummies.  I'm not sure I want to admit that here, but they are legal and they were purchased at a real store and I'm over 18....  A friend suggested I try one because the massive quantities of Tylenol and muscle relaxers aren't solving the problem.  They help, but I still can't sleep or walk properly because of the cramping and spasming muscles.  Anyway, the CBD gummies actually help.  It may all be in my head but they do give me some relief.  Each gummy takes 20 minutes for me to feel and the sense of calm and relaxation lasts for about an hour.  The muscle relaxers simpley make me foggy headed for hours on end and only half-way help with the muscle spasms for about 30 minutes.  

Anyway, the result of all that is that I have another orthopedic appointment this afternoon and I can't seem to concentrate on any one project for more than a few minutes.

The lack of concentration has produced two F-bombs (poorly photographed as usual) instead of the planned 15 to 20.  I plan to list them in my Etsy shop and to sell them at Winterfest.  They seem so silly but everyone who sees one seems to want one, or more, to give as gifts.  Apparently lots of people have siblings and co-workers who would appreciate asocially acceptable way of dropping the F-bomb.

And two Christmas gnomes rather than the 20 or more I want to have on hand.  These guys are simple but extremely fiddly to knit.  I'm not 100% sure I'm going to ever make 20 of them.  But I did buy all the supplies so maybe when I'm not so foggy headed...

And I started a glove/mitten/fingerless glove during Sunday's football game.  I haven't decided what exactly it's going to be yet.  I'm also not sure if this will be for me or the shop.  I'm supposed to be concentrating on knitting for Winterfest but...  I really like this color.  It's an unusual green and I love anything tweedy.  "Tweedy" is a word, right??  The yarn is City Tweed  Artichoke, it's DK weight and should knit up relatively fast.  

Well, that glove would knit up fast if I only put down the cookies and picked up the knitting.  Again, it may be all in my head, but CBD gummies give me horrible junk food cravings.  At least I'm blaming the gummies and not the fact that I am Seriously sick and tired and totally over this pinched nerve nonsense.  I'm really not sure if it's CBD or pity party junk food cravings that I'm experiencing.

Anyone else out there tried CBD products?  What's your experience been?


  1. My sister swears by her gummies and her vape thingy. She has a medical marijuana card and gets all the good stuff for her arthritis and neck issues. She brought some over for The Mister to try the other day because of his knees and bad hips. He's really struggling with all this heavy lifting we are doing in the kitchen. He didn't like it though because he said it made him tired. All I know is that when they were done playing around with her stash my house smelled like a Grateful Dead concert....ah, the memories!

    1. LOL I only went to one Grateful Dead concert but it was a blast and quite memorable - at least what I can remember of it. :)
      Hope The Mister's bones are feeling better soon.