Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Drama, Drama, Drama

 It's been an adventful week.

My Tuesday doctor's appointment with the ortho guy got postponed to Wedenesday because the doctor had some kind of emergency.  Not a big deal, and in fact, it worked out better for my schedule.  I really liked the new doctor.  He took me off the muscle relaxers and put me on Lyrica which is a nerve pain medicine.  In his words, "muscle relaxers are for amatures."  I laughed at that!  So, anyone else out there taking Lyrica?  It's interesting.  It is helping somewhat but it has some strange side effects.

One of those side effects is dizziness.  I took my first dose Wednesday night and slept like a log, except for the brief moment I woke up and was so dizzy, I thought I might fall out of the bed.  It was great to sleep though. I hadn't slept more than an hour or two at a time since this all started back in the middle of August.  

The next morning, I gathered myself together, took my second dose and high-tailed it down stairs, clutching the stair rail for all I was worth and praying the second dose didn't kick in before I got my coffee and safely seated.

I got coffee and plopped myself down in my spot on the deck and.... my head proceeded to flop around on my shoulders.  I'd suddenly realize my head was so flopped over, my ear was touching my shoulder.  And then the giggles kicked in.  And then for the next few hours, I felt like I was so drunk I was 5 minutes from puking and passing out.  Fun times.  

Meanwhile, I knew I wasn't going to be able to knit anything to gauge so I started a garter scarf.  The plan is to use up the dresser full of Palette.  Or at least make a dent in all that yarn.

Thankfully by 2 p.m. in the afternoon my head cleared up and I was mainly normal feeling.  Good thing because...

By 3 p.m., Sarah was calling to say her car had broken down in the grocery store parking lot.  I went off to sit with her while she waited for the tow truck and to drive her home.  It was the first time I'd driven in over a month and it was a weird, strange experience.  But I made it all five miles to the grocery store with no troubles.

Sarah was definitely having some trouble though.  She'd been backing out of her parking place and was caddy corner across the travel lane when her axle broke.  The car wouldn't drive forward or backwards, nor could it be pushed.  One front wheel was pointing due south while the other pointed north.  Eventually the cars parked near her left the parking lot which meant there were empty spaces both in front and behind her.  But there she sat, caddy corner across the road.  (By "road" I mean the travel lane at the grocery store.)  And people kept driving around her giving her the evil eye or yelling at her to push the car out of the way.  It was pretty embarrassing and Sarah was so upset.  I'm SO glad I was able to go sit with her while she waited for that tow truck.

By the way, if you're local and in need of a tow, Robinson's Towing & Recovery were great.  Our tow guy, Steve, was friendly, polite and did a fantastic job getting Sarah's car on and off his flatbed without allowing the wheel to fall off and do further damage to the car.  

As far as the Lyrica goes, each dose affects me - or at least my dizziness/drunkeness - a little less.  That bothersome pinched nerve is still zinging my knee pretty badly but my butt and thigh aren't cramping hardly at all anymore.  I have high hopes for it.  Now, if I could only get the physical therapy place to return my call and get me scheduled...


  1. That dizziness is no joke! Have you checked with the doctor to make sure it's normal? Be careful!

  2. I hope the side effects definitely improve for you. I find it interesting that everyone was yelling at Sarah but no one offered to help her moe the car, (as though that were possible with the wheels the way they were, but still).

  3. Oh no! I am sorry to hear her car troubles. Prayers for speedy repair! And for you, relief!!!