Friday, August 13, 2021

This hat!

 Ooh! This hat!

I am seriously digging this hat!

I received a custom order over at my Etsy shop shop the other day.  Happily, the customer knew exactly what he wanted.  A hat with a gray brim and eggplant purple crown to match his new ski coat.  He even sent me a link to the coat so I could see the colors.  I just love it when the customer knows, and can verbalize, what he wants.

Once again, Knit Picks was on the ball with their shipping and the yarn arrived quickly.  And I immediately began knitting.

I am absolutely LOVING these two yarns together.  From looking at the skeins, I was afraid there wouldn't be enough contrast and that they were going to make a rather bla hat but...  Goodness!  It's like they were made to go together.  The gray (Mineral Heather) has hints of the eggplant (Amethyst) in it and they are absolutely perfect together!

Now, if I'd only had more time to knit today.  Poor baby Hayden took a tumble this morning, fractured her skull and gave herself a concussion.  She's okay though.  She has a big old knot on her forehead, but she's home and didn't have to stay in the hospital.  

I know I shouldn't laugh, and I know I'm going straight to Hell for it but... I can't help but laugh at Hayden.  She's obviously dizzy and having some vision issues due to the concussion.  She keeps falling down and even out/off of her child size comfy chair.  Now that I'm over the original "OMG! She fractured her skull!!" panic attack, I can't help but laugh at her as she stumbles around looking like a little drunk toddler and shaking her head in what I assume is an attempt to get her vision to clear.

She really is funny to watch, but now I'm feeling extremely guilty for admitting it so I'm going back to knitting.


  1. Poor Hayden - glad she is ok though. Love the gray and purple together for the hat - nice choice!

  2. Poor thing! I am relieved that she's okay, and I hope she makes a quick recovery!

  3. scary! I am glad to hear she's okay.
    The hat is really cool and looks like a fun knit.

  4. I love those two colors together as well! I hope Hayden quickly recovers from her serious tumble!

  5. Oh boy a bad fall. I am an Occupational Therapist and I do cranial sacral work and that baby is going to need some about 8 weeks from now to make sure there is no scar tissue in the brain impeding her ability to learn later on. I see many kids with concussions, mine included and it really helps to not have lasting affects from a fall that seems so simple. My oldest had a concussion in third grade and by fourth he was failing math, like an F. I got to work and he was back on track in 6 weeks, you also don't want life long headaches. Her primary care doctor will tell you she will be just fine. But look into this if you can find someone good in your area. It really helps. Sorry to be all bossy.

  6. Oh no .... speedy recovery wishes to Hayden.

    The hat, on the other hand, is simply perfect!

  7. Nice hat! I love the colors together. But I'm so sorry to hear aboutpoor Hayden and her fall. Please watch out for lingering issues.

  8. I trust Hayden is recovering well. Those toddlers do take a lot of bumps to the head. Keep calm and carry yarn - isn't that what we say?

  9. Oh no, I will definitely add her to my prayers!! Love the hat combo! I just picked up some poofs and a marl Lion Brand skein to make some toddler hats. The poofs are such a pretty color of pinks, I can't wait to get knitting!