Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Layers of happiness

Despite all the drama that has been going on around here, I've had some really good days recently.  We are having even more, different plumbing problems.  How is that even possible??  So no, the plumbing hasn't been great but in other areas of my life...

The husband finally finished fixing and painting the deck so we can swim once again.  Yay!

Hayden seems to have fully recovered from her head injury.  She'll have to go back to the doctor for an offical 'all clear' but she's not stumbling or acting weirdly.  She can still count to three, feed herself, walk and run, throw the ball, point to various body parts and say "eye" when she tries to poke yours out.  In other words, she's back to normal.  Double Yay!

I finished the custom hat for my Etsy customer and he seems to be happy with it.  The two colors played together SO much better than I thought they would.  I'm so glad I ordered double the amount of yarn I needed.  I plan to make another for the shop.  

Anyway, it's always nice when you have a great customer and finish their project well before the deadline with no problems along the way.

But what I'm most excited about is my hair.

Remember this post about my horrible, swamp witchy hair?  Since that post, my hair has only continued to grow.

It grew and grew and grew until...

(Warning:  You're about to see a zero makeup photo.  Yikes!)

I followed a Youtube video, cut eight inches off and layers into my hair.

There's still plenty of length left, but only in the very back.  I cut so much of the weight and thickness out.  I loved it while it was wet, but I was pretty nervous about what it would look like once it dried.  My hair tends to grow sideways as it dries.

I love it!  I've only had about three haircuts in my entire life where I didn't go home and cry.  I cannot believe I was able to do this to my own hair.  I am just so excited and happy with it.  If you could see any of my childhood Barbie dolls, or any of my dolls for that matter, you'd understand my shock at how well the cut worked.  I have Never been good with hair!  But I absolutely love my new do.


  1. Your hair looks great! I would kill for that thickness and waves. I've got swamp witch hair too but it's thin and limp. I've been tempted to cut it all off but I know I would look like I was suffering from something incurable if I did.

  2. I think your hair is stunning!

  3. WOW!!! Your hair is gorgeous, you did a great job with the cut. I'm terrified of cutting my own hair. You look like you spent a ton of money on it and the color is SO pretty too. Beautiful!

  4. You did a great job with your hair! It looks beautiful!

    The hat looks pretty terrific too. Glad the customer was happy. Looks like his/her head will be nice and warm this winter!

  5. Love the do! And so happy to hear things are looking up!

  6. You look amazing, well done on the haircut.