Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sunday Supper - Pepper Poppers

I've been keeping up with my Tuesday and Friday posts and y'all seemed to enjoy them before, so I've decided to re-introduce Sunday Suppers.  This time around, I'm making it easier on myself and I'll just be sharing a recipe that sounds good, not necessarily one that I plan to make today.

But, having said that, today's recipe for poppers may actually get made today.  Hayden and her parents are coming over this afternoon and we all love poppers.  Well, Hayden probably doesn't, but the rest of us do.

Both the recipe and the photo above come from



  1. They look so good!!! Daughter just sent me photo of her fried green tomatoes and now I am so hungry and we are just having pancakes for dinner because it is too hot to go out to the store to pick up anything good.

  2. Oh yum!! I LOVE poppers. These look easy too...and no frying. I just need to wait until I have a functioning stove!