Friday, July 16, 2021

More Potholders

 I just can't stop!

I've made a few more potholders that I need to get listed on my Etsy shop.  

Okay, question for the grammar police...  "In my Etsy shop," or "on my Etsy shop?"  It would be in a shop, but on Etsy/the web.  Which is correct?  I really should have paid more attention in school.  But hey - in my defence, the web didn't exist back in those days so my lovely English teacher, Mrs. Hall, never taught me "in" or "on" an Etsy shop rules.

I really am excited about these extra large potholders.  The cotton loops are SO much better than the kids' ones from the big box craft stores.  Besides being a much better quality and color, they are bigger and make 8 - 8.5 inch potholders instead of the little 5 or 6 inch ones.  These are big enough to protect a whole adult hand and they make fantastic trivets.  I'm just 100%, completely obsessed with making potholders!

It's a good thing I'm so obsessed with weaving potholders.  I'm going to need to make an awful lot of them over the next few months.  I've signed up to be a craft vendor at Winterfest.  Remember me talking about Winterfest?  Winterfest is the big Christmas/winter holiday event at the theme park where I used to work.   I'm very excited.  And a little bit nervous.  It will be fine though.  I'm sharing a booth with a few friends.  Sales or not, we'll have fun.

Oh, and sorry for skipping this past Tuesday.  I was busy hanging with my best girl.  Poor Hayden, her molars are coming in and they are giving her a fit!  Plus, she wasn't very happy that Nana was interrupting Paw Patrol to take selfies.


  1. Aw, look at sweet Hayden! I think spending time with her is more than a good excuse to skip blogging for a day.

  2. I love those potholders. The Mister likes making them too. Harrisville makes the best loops. They last forever. I've washed mine a million times and they still look like new.

  3. She is darling. Molars and all. I can see why Grandma is smitten.
    The potholders are really nice. I'm crocheting some new ones for my MIL right now. She tells me she doesn't have any. I wonder where all of the previous one's I've made have gone?

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  5. molars and Paw Patrol interruption! Well poor Hayden had quite the day!

  6. Every now and again, I go through a tear where I weave a bunch of potholders! Such a fun diversion. (And practical, too.) Hayden is growing up so quickly! What a sweetheart.

  7. She is just adorable!!! How can you take her away from Paw Patrol just for a selfie! LOL