Thursday, January 7, 2021

Three on Thursday - Skills

One of my 2021 goals is to improve a few of my knitting skills.  For today's Three on Thursday, I thought I'd share several of those skills.  So that this post has some photos, I'm including a pattern to go along with each.

The Yellow Queen Sweater by Veronika Lindberg

First, I really, really want to improve my colorwork skills.  I can knit fair isle and intarsia and I'm okay with the results but I'd like to feel more confident and relaxed when I knit them.  I want to be able to talk and fair isle at the same time rather than obsessively looking back and forth between my knitting and the pattern while mumbling numbers and glaring at anyone who dares to speak to me.  I'd like to feel confident going into a project that it will turn out the size planned rather than being drawn in so tight the garment is six sizes too small or so large and loosely knit it looks like a poorly made, old, torn fishing net rather than the intended item.

Triangle Entrelac Shawl by Diane Conroy

I also really, really want to learn how to knit backwards so that I can knit entrelac without having to constantly turn my work.  Entrelac can create some of THE most gorgeous designs but I absolutely despise flipping my knitting back and forth.  I will learn how to knit backwards if it kills me!

Headband with a twist by Mirella Moments

And third, I want to learn to knit while I walk.  This may prove difficult.  Very, very difficult.  I can barely walk and talk at the same time, but I have taught myself to read and knit so maybe someday, with enough practice and a few bloody knees, I will be able to walk and knit at the same time.  (And yes, a little insider trading tip for you... I suggest you all rush out and buy stock in Band-Aids!)

So, do you have 2021 knitting goals?  I can't wait to hear about them.


The Yellow Queen Sweater

Triangle Entrelac Shawl

Headband with a twist


  1. I can probably knit while I walk, though I rarely do, although I have once or twice seen someone in my neighborhood doing it. I think the only time I've really done it is when I've been at a fiber festival (although that can be dangerous because of the crowds!).

  2. I've tried entrelac and it was so frustrating for me I just stopped. I reasoned that knitting was supposed to be fun.
    I have printed out a pattern for some colorwork mittens that I would like to make when my hand is better. I've never read charts before so that has always intimidated me.
    I can walk and knit. I actually enjoy it but it has to be an easy pattern.
    You can do all of these, I know you can. That sweater is beautiful but I would have to lose 50 lbs before I would invest in one for myself. So probably...never.:-)

  3. I walk knit socks all the time. I just put the ball in my apron pocket and go walking in an area that I am familiar with like my backyard or around my kitchen while I am cooking dinner.
    I love, love, love that first sweater. I am on such a sweater kick that I want to make them all.

  4. Jeannie! I don't think I could knit and walk!!! I can't wait for you to tell us about it