Thursday, January 21, 2021

Three on Three - Fingerless Gloves

Remember me wanting to learn to walk and knit at the same time?  I thought I'd start out with some super simple fingerless gloves.  And because it's Thursday, here are three patterns I may try.

Simple Fingerless Gloves by Davina Choy

It doesn't get much simpler than those.  But because of the plainness of the design, the yarn will sing.  Whether I'm walking while I knit or laying in a hospital bed with two broken legs, I can't wait to knit several pair of these with a few different multicolored yarns that I have in the stash.

Half-finger Gloves by Snakefoot McGee

These half fingered gloves look pretty simple too, although it may shock you - I've never knit fingers before.  I can learn two things with this design!

Fadewalker Fingerless Mitts by Elizabeth Abate

And these, goodness!  These will be fantastic once I've gotten comfortable with walking and simple knitting.  And honestly, I love these so much, I may not wait until I can walk and knit to stitch myself a pair of these beauties.


Simple Fingerless Gloves

Half-finger Gloves

Fadewalker Fingerless Mitts


  1. I think all of these would be great for small scraps of fingering weight!

  2. Oh, those last mitts are amazing! Thank you for the links. I saved them all!

  3. Love those last mitts (and have downloaded the pattern). The first is very similar to the mitts I recently made. The middle one with fingers...not sure about that...the whole finger thing could do me in! LOL

  4. Those are some great patterns! I can't have enough of the fingerless things. I've got a pair stashed in every pocket and all over the car.

  5. I used to walk and knit sock, but then I gave up walking, and knitting socks. LOL!

  6. I love those yellow ones. They are gorgeous.

  7. Oh the fade walker is glorious in that color way

  8. I will also say that my knitted gloves were a big pain HOWEVER, I wear them under my mittens all the time!I would never bother making a closed finger glove again. I love the "Oliver" type rag gloves most!