Sunday, January 31, 2021

Sunday Supper - Homemade Chewy Brownies

I realize it's a little early to be thinking of Valentine's Day but tonight's Sunday Supper dessert will be a trial run.  

If this recipe for homemade chewy brownies from Countryside Cravings turns out anything like the photo, they will be our Valentine's Day dessert.  

And how do you turn brownies into a Valentine's treat you ask?  Simply cut them with a heart shaped cookie cutter and save the scraps to 1) sprinkle on top of ice cream or 2) put them in a quiet to open container and stash them in your knitting bag so that you can sneak bites without having to share later on.


  1. I can't have brownies in the house or I would eat them all in one sitting. I never met one I didn't like and that includes the really terrible ones I made from a mix a few weeks ago that tasted like tuna fish.

    1. LOL How on earth do you make brownies taste like tuna???

  2. I'll take option 2 for $100 Alex! lol. I'm the same with brownies. I've never met one I didn't like. Those look amazing.
    And tuna Debbie? Bleh.

  3. You done gone and done it now! I will NOT be able to get the thought of brownies out of my mind and it's 10:00 PM here! I don't have time to make brownies!!!

  4. Lovely recipe, they look yum!