Tuesday, January 5, 2021

No Chicken Here!

 So, yeah.  I'm 99.999% positive I'm jinxing myself but...  

I won't be playing yarn chicken with Felix.  I was a tiny bit worried when I got down to the waist ribbing on the body that I might not have enough yarn.  Actually, "worried" is probably too strong of a word for what I was feeling, but I was concerned enough to knit a sleeve before I knit the body's waistband.  I'd rather have a short waisted sweater than one who's arms are too short.  Having freakishly long monkey arms, I have spent my life with sleeves that were too short.  I will never, ever, no matter how bored I am with a project, intentionally knit the sleeves too short. 

Anyway, I put the body on a holder and knit a sleeve.  Well, almost a sleeve.  I have one more decrease row repeat and the cuff to go.  But the point is, I will have plenty of yarn.  Thank goodness, because my big ol' belly hanging out of my super cropped sweater would not be a good look.

And yes, I am knitting that sleeve on the world's worst plastic dpns.  Ugh! I really despise knitting on plastic needles.  Specially these.  I have no idea where they came from.  They've just been in my needle stockpile for as long as I can remember.  And they have a 10 cent price tag on their storage case/envelope/pouch... whatever you call that thing that dpns always come in.  These needles' only saving grace is that they are ten inches long which means I could practically knit an entire sweater body on them without concern of over crowded stitches.  I will never, but I could if I wanted.

Why am I going on and on about my hatred of that set of plastic needles??  Probably because I have a headache and am feeling grumpy.  I have the headache and feel grumpy from lack of sleep.  I didn't sleep last night because...  

Wait for it - I have THE best daughter in the world!  She gave me a set of Gilmore Girls DVDs for Christmas!  I'm SO freaking excited!  I just love Gilmore Girls!  I love Gilmore Girls possibly even more than I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I think we all know how I feel about that show!  Anyway, it was the best Christmas gift ever and I've been staying up late binge watching it every night.

And last night, after staying up an hour past bedtime so I could finish a season, I stayed up another hour to that I could finish reading If the creek don't rise by Leah Weiss.  (Okay grammar/editor geeks - should I have capitalized that title?  It's not capitalized on the book so I didn't but now I'm wondering...)

Anyway, it was an interesting read.  I can't quite bring myself to say I "liked" it because it was kinda awful.  Not awful in the way it was written or the way the story was told, but in the way Appalachian life can be pretty awful.  The story was full of abuse, both sexual and physical, extreme poverty and prejudices.  It was sad and pathetic but also truthful.  I'm glad I read it and it did have a bit of a happy, surprise ending.

If the creek don't rise also made me reconsider my charity knitting goals for 2021.  I may have to go find a charity group that donates specifically to Virginia's Appalachian folks instead of the groups I normally knit for this year.

So, what are you knitting?  Reading? Binge watching? And if you knit for charities, which ones?

Oh, by the way, I'm going to try something new.  Assuming I can remember to do it, I'm going to start listing available links to things mentioned or pictured in my posts at the end of each post YouTube style.  I frequently see things in other knitting blogs that I feel the need to rush out and buy/investigate and I thought you might feel the same.   


Felix Pullover pattern

Wool Ease Bulky weight yarn

Hero vintage plastic dpns

If the creek don't rise by Leah Weiss

Gilmore Girls complete set


  1. I'm glad to hear you won't be stressing about playing yarn chicken! It's something I worry about even when I know I have way more than I need (which is probably why I have so much yarn in my stash that is leftover from projects I've completed!).

  2. I am a Gilmore Girls fanatic also. I no sooner finish the series when I start it over again. I never watched it when it was on TV. Daughter did and loved it. I did watch Buffy with her and I loved that too. It was a mother/daughter bonding thing during some tough times in her teenage years.

  3. If The Creek Don't Rise sounds an awful lot like Before We Were Yours. The book was well written, but the subject matter, very disturbing.

  4. I have freakishly long arms also, so I understand your feelings about sleeves. I used to send charity things, especially dishcloths and baby items to a group in the Appalacians but they disbanded when a mine closed and the lady who collected things had to move away from the area. I think it would be a GREAT place to send things to. If you find someplace, could you let us know?
    I was given the set of Gilmore Girls by a blogging friend one year. I had never seen them on TV. I watched them through twice and then gave them to someone else who had never seen them.
    Take care and enjoy the knitting. I hope the headache is gone soon. I had one yesterday so I commiserate with you.

  5. I was late to Gilmore Girls viewing but once I started I watched every season and just loved it so much. Good luck with the sweater finish. Stay safe

  6. I hope you have all the yarn you need, I find that 'what if' game enjoyable only if I win :)

  7. Everytime I try to play yarn chicken I lose. So yay for someone winning that game!!

  8. You are so funny. Loving those old ugly needles, but they do serve a good purpose!!