Friday, January 29, 2021

Knit Picks, I really do love you!

Remember me talking about running out of yarn for the scarf I was knitting and Knit Picks calling me to confirm that I still wanted them to fill my order even though they no longer had the dye lot I'd requested?  Well, that happened and I thought it was great customer service.

Well, the new yarn with a different dye lot arrived.  I held the new yarn up to the old and couldn't see a difference.  I decided to risk it and started knitting with the new.  After all, it was a simple, narrow garter stitch scarf.  The world wouldn't end if I had to rip out a few rows.

I knit a few rows and still couldn't see a difference in the yarns.

I knit a little more, still didn't see a difference so I asked my daughter to identify the fault line.  If it was there, she'd see it!

She couldn't see a difference either so I kept on knitting.

Can you spot the row where the two different dye lots join?  I sure can't. 

I don't think, in my entire crafty life, I have ever had two dye lots match so well.  Thank you Knit Picks!  Thank you for having incredible dye consistency!  I just love you guys!


  1. I can't see it, either, and I would never have guessed there was more than one dye lot in there!

  2. Amazing!! I don't see it at all.

  3. That's amazing! I've had good luck matching their dye lots too which is a good thing because I am always running out in the middle of a project.
    The scarf looks great and is done just in time.'s gotten cold all of a sudden.

  4. I cannot see a difference how exciting for you for an excellent match!!

  5. I think you won the dye lot race.

    Kudos to Knit Picks.

  6. No different to my eyes either. I order a LOT of yarn from Knit Picks. They are my favorite company. I just wish shipping was a bit faster. It usually takes 2-3 weeks from when I order for it to arrive. Maybe it will be faster when we live in the midwest instead of Washington State. Congrats on a beautiful scarf.


  8. Hooray for matching dye lots and a wonderful scarf. Stay safe.

  9. I had the same experience with the Hue Shift Afghan. I ran short on one color from the kit so i had to order. Can't tell at all!