Tuesday, January 26, 2021

It's only Tuesday

Can we make Three on Tuesday a thing?  

First of all, sometimes my ignorance completely astounds me.  Did you notice the super fuzzy and off colored photos in the last few posts?  Once or twice I didn't even post something because the photos were so bad.  And then it finally dawned on me.

Good grief!  I'd spent several days babysitting Hayden and her favorite thing to play with is a phone.  If she sees a cell phone, she makes a bee-line for it.  We can't even take photos of her anymore because she gets so excited over the sight of the phone and comes crawling/climbing and yes folks, stumbling towards it.  Hayden is starting to walk!  I laugh and pity her parents every time I think about it.  Ten months old, LOVES cell phones and starting to walk.  Her poor, poor parents!

But Hayden walking isn't what happened to my photos.  Hayden grabbing, slobbering and teething on my phone is what happened to my photos.  There was baby mac & cheese smeared on my phone's camera lens.  Doh!

Second, I'm happy to hear so many of you are also Gilmore Girls fans.  As for you Team Dean-ers, well, yes, he treated her well and he was cute and he got along with Rory's mom but he was WAY too possessive.  It seemed a little stalkerish, almost abusive, there at the end of their relationship.  And he was always quick to pick a fight.  It worried me what married life would have been like with him. 

As for Jesse, he was horrible to her while they were dating, but it seemed he'd never had a decent role model.  Yes, he grew up and matured into a right decent young man and he's who I would have picked for her to marry.

But Logan will always be my favorite.  He was fun, brought her out of her shell and well, let's face it.  I've always had a thing for the bad boys.  I will admit though, I was pretty disappointed in him in that comeback season. 

And third, I did in fact finish the beading on the shawl.  I even blocked it the same day I finished it and I've worn it a few times since.  I absolutely love it!  

The beads are there, but they blend in and don't appear blingy at all.  I was slightly disappointed that the purple sections of yarn didn't stand out more.  But, the fact that it didn't turn out orange and purple striped means that it doesn't scream Halloween and I'm happy about that.  Anyway, I love it and have worn it which answers the question of whether I'd list it for sale in my Etsy shop or not.

And now, well, now I have to go try to think of three more things to talk about on Thursday.


  1. Fabulous finish on the shawl! Love it. I can't believe that baby is starting to walk!!

  2. I have no idea why they didn't give Rory a decent guy in the comeback season. They gave her a dork that they treated terribly which was funny for a bit. Where is her Luke? She's a small town girl who needs a small town guy with a heart of gold and a brain. Tell me why they couldn't have written in a part for that guy in the newspaper room she now works in. She could have still had her fling with Logan to show he wasn't right for her and then come home to the real deal. Sappy yes....but come on, so were all those silly musical numbers.
    We do get caught up in this stuff...lol.

  3. I still can't decide who was the right guy for Rory. I think they all had plusses and minuses. If I had to pick one, I'd probably say Jess, but he had to deal with his own personal issues before he was ready for a real relationship with her.

  4. That shawl looks perfect for a day like today. It's is sleeting and just simply nasty outside. Wrapping up sounds like a good thing to do.

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful shawl. I love that you love it. I had forgotten that about Dean at the end. I really did like him, but he got weird.
    Unbelievable about your little Hayden walking. When did that happen and at ten months? I laughed out loud at the baby slobber and mac & cheese. Grandparents let these babies do things they never would have let their kids do.
    What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's is very true. :-)

  6. No idea what you're talking about since I never really got into that show. I watched a few times, but it just wasn't my thing. But I LOVE your shawl!!! It's gorgeous.

  7. Love your finish!! its so pretty

  8. I think the shawl is beautiful and maybe it will bling under certain lights??

  9. I was disappointed with the whole comeback season, it just seemed so weird and Rory was so lost and everyone looked older but not right. I was so disappointed. Love your shawl.