Friday, January 15, 2021


First, I wanted to thank everyone for all the recent comments.  I'm doing my best to keep up with reading comments and others' blog posts but I haven't been responding because I'm hoarding my internet.  I've mentioned before that we don't have real internet here at my mother-in-law's house.  We use jetpacks and they have a very limited amount of data.  Our phones are fairly limited too.  Anyway, the internet is a precious commodity around here and well, I goofed.  I goofed big time!  I thought I was downloading a few pages but it turned out to be a HUGE, giant file and it used up half my data for the month.  So now I'm hoarding what little bit I have left.  February 3rd, when it resets, is a loooong ways away.


I finished the Felix pullover and I absolutely love him!  I've worn him twice although I never blocked him.  He fits perfectly.  He's nice and loose without being sloppy and he doesn't have that weird, overly large underarm where you can feel your arm skin touching your chest/rib/breast/under arm skin.  That ragland sweater that I've knit over and over again has that weird, overly large underarm thing.  Felix also looks good dressed up with a skirt or down with jeans.  I'm really, really happy with him!

I'm so happy with him I immediately wanted to start another.  He takes bulky yarn though and I don't have any in the stash.  Gasp!  I know!  How crazy is it that I don't have any bulky yarn in the stash pile?  Actually, it's not that crazy because I don't like knitting with bulky yarn.  It makes my wrists and fingers hurt.  But oddly, the bulky Wool of the Andes didn't bother me at all.  Even on days where I knit for four or five hours without stopping even for a bathroom break, I had no wrist pain at all.  So now I'm wondering - was it the yarn or has my carpal tunnel issues magically disappeared?

Anyway, I'm left wanting to knit another.  But I also don't want to buy any more yarn.  I know - another Gasp!  I had to resort to using yet another giant Rubbermaid bin to hold my stash and well, I'm determined to use up some of that yarn before I buy any more.  Having to store half my clothes (and it's not like I have that many) in our storage unit to make room for the yarn was a bit of an eye opener.  I just might have a yarn addiction.


  1. Could you combine a couple of strands of a thinner yarn to sub for the bulky? It really is a great-looking sweater!

  2. beautiful gorgeous finish!!!

  3. I love it! You know it's a good pattern when you immediately want to knit another.

  4. It's beautiful and makes me want to knit one for myself. It looks super comfy and soft too.
    Have you tried B6 for your carpal tunnel? My Hubby swears by it and so do other friends that take it. I started it last week for that pain I had in my wrist and arm and it's gone! It's worth trying anyway.
    Sorry about the internet. We have Verizon unlimited data on my phone or I would lose my mind with the internet here at the park. It's awful.

  5. If your yarn fits in your house, then you're just fine!

  6. Double a worsted? I would think it might have been the fiber content that was the issue? I can't knit with acrylic too long before having issues, but the same weight wool is fine. Love Felix, the perfect throw on sweater that works for any occasion!

  7. The sweater is so gorgeous! I think you should make another with what you have, it can have stripes if you don't have enough of one color. Stay safe.