Friday, December 11, 2020

Worst Post Ever

 Is there a "worst post" award?  I'm pretty sure this one would win.

Yes folks, we have not only bad lighting but also boring content!

I finally decided I couldn't put off sewing the stocking linings any longer.  I've been dreading it.  I don't know how to sew.  I have a sewing machine... in storage.  Apparently way, way in the back of the storage unit because I couldn't find it.  Not that my sewing would have been much better if I'd used a machine.  Only slightly faster.

Did I ever tell you about the time I failed sewing lessons?  Yep, I failed sewing lessons and the teacher suggested I find a different hobby.  It was so disheartening!

I think it was back in my senior year of high school, maybe the year before... Really doesn't matter, but I was a teen and I took a class at the local technical center.  Our final project was to sew a dress.  I was so excited about making myself a dress!  I loved the fabric I'd picked out so much I can still picture it today.  It was green with blue flowers and white butterflies on it.  Doesn't get much more late '70's than that! 

Anyway, my dress was dismal.  One sleeve was longer than the other and the zipper was inside out and upside down.  I was heart broken!

Personally, I think I have potential talent.  I think I just had a lousy teacher.  And despite everyone else's dress turning out perfectly, I'm determined my pathetic non-dress was the teacher's fault, not mine.

All I can say is, thank goodness the stockings will only be used once a year.  It means the lining has a chance of holding up long enough for Hayden to start kindergarten.


  1. I don't think anyone is born with the knowledge of how to sew, so if you didn't do a great job on your dress, that's clearly the fault of someone not teaching you how to do it successfully!

  2. I have talent for sewing either. Making all those masks for Daughter has been very stressful. I've got a big pile for her now and I hope it holds her until this is all over. I don't want to think about sewing masks ever again.

  3. I'm not a very good seamstress either. My home ec teacher was a mean old lady who hated teenagers. I really believe that. She screamed at us all constantly and I think she's the reason I have zero confidence in sewing. At least I love to cook, but I was doing that before her classes so I think she couldn't reverse that confidence. I do make most of my own dresses, but they are straight seams and I make the same dress pattern over and over. It simplifies things a LOT. And it sure makes getting dressed easier. I had a capsule wardrobe before it became popular. :-)

  4. I had to laugh. My home ec. teacher suggested that maybe I should take a different elective in the future after the sewing section of our class. First I sewed my shirt to my project. Then a week later sewed through my finger.

    I CAN manage to make a mask or do a simple repair, but I don't enjoy machine sewing very much.

    Good luck with the stockings. I'm sure they will be much loved no matter how they are sewn.

  5. At least I'm not alone. I can't sew a straight line. The worst part of knitting for me is sewing pieces. I love making animals but will look at the pieces for months dreading having to sew them together. Your stocking will be loved and who sees the liner anyway.

  6. You are doing great. Don't let any voices say you aren't . I can't sew at all. You will get the linings in!

  7. I can't sew a straight line, it is soooo hard! How can people make clothes that fit? How can they make anything? It totally perplexes me because I have tried to sew and failed miserably. Stay safe.