Thursday, December 10, 2020

Three on Thursday - Amost ready

I'm almost ready for Christmas and so far, I'm feeling pretty relaxed about it.

I still have to deal with the kitchen stuff.  Stuff like making a menu and baking plan plus the grocery list...  But the gifts are bought and wrapped.  And 800 of 3,000 lights we put on the tree are still working.  I'm embracing the dark areas and calling them artistic whirls.  If the strands continue to die, I'm going to go buy a spot light and shine it up into the tree.  I am NOT taking all the decorations off to fix the lighting!  Nope! No way!

Hayden looks like she's contemplating doing something naughty. She can't talk yet, but she looks like she's thinking, "Hold my beer."  

And no, that wasn't one of my three things for Three on Thursday.  I just didn't have a photo for #2 and well, I can't resist photos of Hayden.

My Christmas shopping got cut short this year, and I am Not complaining!  It's tradition to give my kids wall calendars every year.  I always got one - I don't remember ever not getting one a single year until my mom passed.  I may be weird, but I have the fondest memories of laying under the Christmas tree with colored pens filling in everyone's birthdays after I'd opened all my gifts.  I have carried the tradition on with my own kids, although they were never interested in laying under the tree with colored pens on Christmas morning.  

This year, they both admitted that they didn't really want a wall calendar.  Oh, sweet relief!  It's unbelievably difficult to find ones that they would be interested in, not to mention the cost of the interesting ones.

It's funny how relieved I am at not having to search for $30 dollar sports team calendars, yet I'm also sad about it too.  It just doesn't feel 'right' not to have calendars under the tree.

I bought myself some candy cane flavored Chapstick, but when I opened it, the entire candy cane striped wrapper came off.  So I washi taped it.

So, here's to hoping you too are feeling a sense of calm with your holiday preparations and you've got the "Ehh, whatever" attitude rather than a sense of panic when things go wrong.

I hope you'll join me for today's Three on Thursday link up.


  1. Holiday traditions are hard to break. They mean so much especially this year. I love the idea of giving calendars and having people fill in the dates. Your tree is lovely light issue or not. I still haven't got the bug to put up mine yet. I think I'll just enjoy looking at everyone else's this year.

  2. I've decided that this is the year to create new traditions, and I'm sticking with that! And can I tell you a little secret? I almost always buy calendars just after New Year's -- they're usually 50% (or more) off by then, and I usually don't need them for the first few days of the year anyway!

  3. It is really hard to let go of favorite Christmas traditions, even when you know it's the right thing to do and you're actually kind of relieved. They're just so . . . connected, and it's hard to let them go. Hayden is just adorable -- and I'm going to be smiling about your "artistic whirls" all day long! :-)

  4. Such a sweet photo of Hayden.

    I think you tree looks simply perfect!

    (We don't do a tree anymore. So, I really enjoy seeing everyone else's trees.)

  5. My mom always buys us calendars for Christmas :) This year, I accidentally opened mine early. It's an RBG calendar--so I'm excited about that! I have to say, as soon as I saw your tree I just thought how beautiful it looks. I didn't even notice the dark swirls! I'm curious--by any chance, are you a 7 on the Enneagram?

  6. I think your tree looks wonderful. If you hadn't mentioned the light issue I never would have notice. And of course Hayden...she is just darling.
    I buy my best friend a calendar to match mine every single Christmas. Thomas Kincade calendars. I've done it for over 25 years now and I know she counts on getting it. I gave her my wooden frame for the calendar too.

  7. Hayden is so prescious! And your tree looks wonderful (dark swirls and all). I think Fletch will go on the hunt for a tree this weekend - he usually goes to a local farm stand because he likes supporting them. And, he has had good luck finding trees that fit and look good in our rather small space. I still have a few gifts to get and I still need to wrap. But all the stuff that has to be shipped (except for one brother and SIL) has been sent.

  8. Our menu this year is a Potato Bar. Buying the Brisket, making taco meat, will have all the toppings on hand, buying a homemade Red Velvet Cheesecake, but I have to make Cheesecake Brownies myself. Then there will be dips and chips and bacon wrapped sausages or shrimp, haven't decide either or both yet! I am not panicked, but I will be soon if I don't start think about the logistics of it all! And shopping is mostly done for my kids, just the parents and littles in the family to buy for. Hayden is too cute!

  9. That baby is adorable times ten! shopping is nearly done as is shipping.
    The snow expected friday night into saturday may just push my mood to decorating. I hope so. We will not be with our kids for the first time since they've been born. I am getting teary thinking about it. I thought i was ok with it, but Imkind of not.....I guess

  10. your grand is a sweetie! Love the washi tape save. I make calendars on shutterfly for my dad and sister each year, they love them!