Sunday, December 6, 2020

Sunday Supper - Russian Tea

I'm shaking things up slightly.  For the next few weeks, instead of Sunday Supper being about what we're having for dinner, I thought I'd share a few easy to make edible giftables.

Today, it's a recipe for Russian Tea from Allrecipes.  Have you ever had Russian tea?  It's delicious!  I remember my mom making the mix when I was a young child and I've always loved it.  


The recipe is for a mix and this particular recipe makes five cups of mix so it's perfect for gift giving. 

The ingredients are simple, as is the recipe.  Just separate the mix into pretty little containers, write an instructional gift tag and presto, magic!  You have five four gifts.  Yes, it makes five cups of mix, but you'll want to keep one for yourself!


  1. I do remember that concoction! I haven't thought of Tang in years. It came in handy for so many things.

  2. I remember that stuff. It is DELICIOUS!!!!

  3. For our supper tonight I sautéed some mushrooms on butter and threw some broccoli in to heat up. Then I put it in the oven to roast until the pork chops and scalloped potatoes were done. Yummy!!

  4. I have never heard of it before but the ingredients sound delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

  5. LOL - I didn't realize they still made Tang! It sounds delicious though. I've never heard of Tea Powder though....