Tuesday, December 29, 2020


I wasn't sure I'd get the opportunity this year so I was quite excited to start my #ChristmasEveCastOn project.

And yes, I'm well aware I should have been sweeping rather than knitting but I'm a knitter.  I have priorities.

It's quite amazing how quickly a bulky sweater grows!  I'm knitting a Felix Pullover.  I may regret not knitting the cardigan version but hey - it's knitting up so quickly, I can easily sneak a cardigan into the knitting schedule.  I'm using Wool of the Andes Bulky.  It's a first for me.  I generally don't knit with bulky yarns because they make my carpal tunnel flare up but so far, so good.  The knitting is going so quickly, I think I'll finish the sweater before the carpal tunnel issues have a chance to kick in.  Knock on wood!  

Besides how fast it's knitting up, I'm also surprised how much softer/less itchy the bulky yarn seems to be compared to the regular worsted.  The worsted doesn't usually bother me, but I can already tell that this bulky feels different.

So, what are you knitting now that the Christmas gift knitting season is over?  I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing about everyone's projects.


  1. Felix, in both pullover and cardigan form, seems to be a pattern that everyone who's knit it has loved, so I'm sure yours will be a success.

    I'm trying to finish off my 20 in 2020 list. I have one pair of mittens left to knit!

  2. Knitters gonna knit is what I say.

    For me it is another pair of socks using yarn from deep, deep, DEEP in the stash.

  3. I love your needles-the pine ones. We haven't had a real tree since we ran out of space in the yard to plant them and I miss that smell and the sight of needles on the floor.
    I'm still working on the same old, same old here. I just can't find the time to sit down and knit these days. Everything and everyone seems to need my attention....sigh.

  4. I'm knitting Hubby a pullover in Wool of the Andes worsted. It's coming along well and I have the body almost done after 3 days of knitting.

  5. IT is kathy b. =My name is not coming up in some comments I see! Your knitting is amazing. I know there will be dusting here tomorrow. I don't know when we dusted last. Ah the benefits of isolation! I want to thank you as the year ends for putting yourself out there with each post. We are an honest group that is vulnerable as we share our lives together. Thank you for your efforts and beautiful photos!

  6. I need to get back to my hat...Lovely knitting, and Happy New Year!!

  7. Lovely color on that yarn! I am doing a shawl, Regina Marie, which is border first, so enjoying that different approach.