Friday, November 13, 2020


Are you doing NaKniSweMo?  I'd planned to.  I had the yarn and pattern picked out and at the ready.  I'd even balled the skeins of yarn, swatched, and set the proper needles aside for safe keeping.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I swatched!

And then I realized the reality of my pre-Christmas knitting.  NaKniSweMo quickly turned into NaKniSweNope! 

I'm knitting a pink Stroll Gradient shawl for my mother-in-law.  Pink is her favorite color.

I'm knitting the Mountain Colors scarf for my great niece.  And if I'm knitting something for the great niece, her brother will need something handknit too.  

The not so great cowl for Sarah got frogged.  She says she'd rather have socks.  It's a dammed good thing she likes to cook and grocery shop!  

There's the poinsettia needlepoint that needs to get finished and turned into a pillow.  

There's the two Christmas stockings that still need to be lined.

And last but not least, let's not forget the seventy-two Smitten mittens I need to knit.  And as if seventy-two mini mittens wasn't enough, I'll need five garland cords to go with them.

Yeah, NaKniSweMo is definitely a nope this year.  But hey, on the positive side, I've already got my Christmas Eve Cast On project ready to go.


  1. I have once done it, but this time of year is already too busy! And the time I did it, I also felt and badly sprained my ankle the day before Thanksgiving, so for about a week, all I could do was sit and knit!

  2. I cave during any kind of challenge so I usually do not participate but admire those that do.

  3. I started a new sweater last night but I didn't get too far. I've got too many other things that really need to get done first.

  4. No sweater for me after the four I make Piper last month. I have to keep up on my charity knits and some Christmas gifts.
    Take care and stay well.

  5. Oh my word, your needles are going to be SMOKIN'!

  6. No sweater for me, but I never planned to make one anyway. Working on a cowl right now. Started with a pattern but going rogue now.

  7. Oh boy. As Dee said, those needles are going o be smoking! But enjoy it. You have 7 weeks I think until Christmas. No one is going to be here so, that means no huge cleaning, nothing than ordinary up keep, no trips to the Airport joyful or tearful, no lots of things. But good time to knit. Good time to think about our families we wish were with us . We will put up our little tree! We shall be thankful for no COVID in our family. fingers crossed masks on