Friday, November 6, 2020

Bodice Ripper

I do love a good, trashy, bodice ripper romance novel.

Specially if there's yarn involved.

Okay, so I saw that on Facebook the other day and thought it was funny.

Sadly, James is not in my world.  This Minnetonka cowl is though.  I have the feeling it is going to be a Huge disappointment.  How can such a beautiful skein knit up into such a dreary and boring piece of fabric?  I wanted so desperately to doctor the photo up to make the colors look better but the truth is the truth.  And to really be truthful, I was outdoors and the sun was beginning to set and so the light was a little funny.  In all honesty, the real life look is even more drab.  The poor thing looks like Army brown camo that has been washed and heavily bleached about 18 gazillion times.

And the big question is, do I keep knitting and hand it over Christmas morning and say, "Too bad if you think it's ugly.  You chose the yarn."  Or do I show it to her now and ruin the surprise?  Or do I frog the whole thing and say, "Ha ha, you're not getting a knitted gift after all."

Decisions, decisions.

I sure wish James was here to help me decide.


  1. I've been up since 4 am obsessing over making a colorwork cowl down to part where I had the yarn in my cart until I realized how stupid I was being. I really have to stop reading knitting blogs in the middle of the night.
    I actually think your cowl looks nice. I was going for wild color combos and fancy patterns in my obsessive search and then I realized none of it would go with my coats. Drab can be useful especially around the neck.

  2. That is one tough decision. Would a different pattern make it better?

    I've had yarns that no matter what you do, they just don't look as good as they did in the store.

  3. I am almost afraid to comment because I don't think that is a dreary and boring piece of fabric. I really like it and on my screen it is not drab. I would probably go with showing the progress to the recipient and get her reaction. We all have different opinions and preferences and it may be exactly what she wanted. Please let us know the decision/outcome.

  4. I don't find it dreary at all! I think it looks like a good neutral to pair with just about anything. And it could also be overdyed if the recipient doesn't like it.

  5. I have a feeling James would make you forget the knitting! LOL. No help here, you're on your own.

  6. I did laugh out loud at the meme. So true of us knitters/crocheters isn't it?
    I think the cowl looks great in the photo. It would be great with jeans and top or a jean-skirt and top. It's a good neutral shade that could go with about anything. I think we're too hard on ourselves.

  7. Sometimes, Not always, but sometimes, when I put it away for a few days, I like it better in the light of a new day. You put a lot of time into that!
    Allison Loves a good bodice ripper too! lol

  8. What about overdyeing it with a color you love? (I see Sarah above also suggested that.)

  9. To me it doesn't look too bad though, but I guess it's all a matter of taste. What do you think she would wear it with ? For if she enjoys really colourful shirts, this might look just right with it.