Friday, October 16, 2020


 Why do my stitches look like this?

They look twisted but they aren't.  Is it something about the yarn?  It's Dona from Fibra Natura which is 100% extra fine merino superwash.  Or could it have something to do with me knitting from the outside of the skein instead of from the inside?

Both yarns are Dona but the red looks worse than the white.  And, when I stretch the knitting then let it snap back into place, the white fixes itself but the red stitches don't?

Why is it doing that?  

I'm knitting stockinette in the round on dpns, US5's if that matters.  Wooden dpns and yarn in my left hand, to be thorough.

I've knit on it over several days and with various degrees of tiredness and/or frustration, and with and without alcohol in my system.

Those weird, twisted looking, not flat knit stitches persist throughout.   Why?

On a happier side note, the hospital now has my records and faxed them to my doctor minutes before the office closed yesterday.  I had to contact the hospital administrator and mention that my family, including extended family members who work in the medical field, all thought I should be filing a complaint with the state medical board and/or contacting an attorney in order to get them sent to my doctor.  But I called and confirmed the records made it to the doctor's office.  Yay!! 

I didn't tell y'all the whole story but it was a whopper.  It was such a whopper, I'm not sure the Administrator believed me.  For now, I'm going to keep the story to myself but if a single other thing goes wrong, boy, you will hear me shouting about it from the rooftops and on every social media platform I can find.

Meanwhile, thank you all for your kind thoughts and prayers for my health.  They were/are very much appreciated.


  1. I'm fairly certain it's the yarn. It's a little hard to tell from the photo, but it looks to me like the yarn has a cabled construction (meaning if you pull apart the yarn plies, you'll find that each ply is actually a mini plied yarn strand). It's very common for cabled yarns to bias a bit like this and look like the stitches are twisted, even though they're not.

    Glad to hear the crazy situation with your records seems to be resolved!

  2. I think my knitting looks like that as well with certain yarns. Looks nice no matter what to me!

  3. Picking (yarn in left hand) will sometimes do that. I noticed it when I knit a sock English and Continental. The "picking" stitches twisted like that. It will straighten out with blocking. At least mine always did.

    Glad the records thing got sorted out.

  4. That yarn is "energized". That means it was over spun-too much twist. I get that look a lot with my hand spun.

  5. I've never seen that with yarn before but I really like how it looks. I wouldn't frog it, it's kind of cool.
    I'm SO glad they found your records. I thought all of this computerized charting etc. was supposed to make things like this impossible? And that you could go to any hospital in the country and they could pull up everything about you? I'm sorry you've had to deal with this.

  6. I've no idea, I always find that a good blocking usually sorts things out though. Glad you got your records sorted out, it sounds like a fiasco.