Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Tiny Steps

 I'm slowly taking tiny steps towards my Socktober goals.

I've finished one pair of socks, made no additional headway on another, started, ripped, started, ripped and restarted this Christmas stocking.  Yes, in my world, Christmas stockings count as socks and therefore count for Socktober.  And no, I am no longer following the pattern that came in the stocking kit.  It was way too detailed for the time I have available and besides, the kit stocking was going to be miniscule.  My version won't be huge but it will be at least twice as big as the kit version.

On a different note, thank you all for the well wishes on my biopsy.  I still don't have the results and may have to have it redone.  The hospital can't find any record of me being there.  What????

And on another different note, for those of you who wanted to see what we were going to do with the house with the giant glass bathroom....  Sorry to disappoint.  Believe me, I'm very, very sorry.  I loved the potential that house had but.... it's out in 'the sticks' and it turns out, there's no internet service in the area.  No matter how many bedrooms, nor how awesome the kitchen, nor how big the bathroom is, nor how many sheep are across the road, we aren't moving into another house without internet.  That's a hard no for us.  The search continues.


  1. On the plus side, think of all the money you'll save on the renovations that house would have needed! I'm with you, though -- internet is a must these days!

  2. Redone!! Argh. I hate hospitals and Drs and procedures, and all of it. Hope they get it straightened out. Love the stocking start.

  3. Oh my goodness, imagine living in a house without internet, unheard of these days.

  4. Hey it's your sock. You make it however you want. Directions are mere suggestions. :-)
    I'm sorry to hear about the hospital. How does that even happen in this day and age with all of the procedures in place?
    And that house was amazing but just the thought of the renovations needed would exhaust me, although it would have been fun to follow YOU through it!
    Take care and many blessings,

  5. Arne and Carlos debuted their 2020 stocking this weekend and I was sooooo tempted. Since I never finished the Halloween stocking I started last year it was not too hard to convince myself to pass.

  6. Oh my! NO INTERNET? In this day and age, that seems almost impossible.

    Best wishes on the biopsy. Hope the hospital looks a little harder and can find your tests.

  7. you have got to be kidding?! That is ridiculous that they have no record of you being there and they lost the biopsy!! prayers are sent to you in heaps!

  8. Oh geeze! I hope that hospital can find your results and that you don't need to go through another biopsy. Yikes!! That house was so cool, but the renovations - oy vey! That would have killed me.

  9. Jeannie! Time to call the hospital QI or quality improvement staff. THEY Better know you were there. Hugs to you