Thursday, October 15, 2020

Three on Thursday - Lacy Socks

Continuing with the Soctober theme, today's Three on Thursday post is all about lacy socks.  Or socks with lace.  "Lacy socks" makes me think of those white socks with the scratchy ruffle around the cuff that I was always forced to wear at Easter as a child.

Anyway...  Three sock patterns that involve lace...

Diagonal Lace Socks from Wendy D. Johnson.  There isn't a Wendy Johnson pattern that I don't love.  Her designs almost always look super complicated but are actually quite easy to knit.  I also like the ways she writes/words her patterns.  She just makes sense to me.  You know how some bloggers find Blogger simple to use but struggle with Wordpress and vice versa?  Like how one platform just makes absolutely no sense while the other is super simple for you to use?  Well, Wendy's patterns are like that for me.  Super simple to follow and understand.

I am kicking myself though.  I recently tossed a half completed sock I found down deep in my yarn stash pile.  It was just a sock with its needles, but no pattern, no notes, no nothing.  I remember loving the yarn and being excited to start the sock.  I remember not loving the way the yarn was working with the pattern.  And I remember putting it aside.  But I had NO idea what pattern I'd been using and of course, I'd never put it into my Ravelry projects.  I deemed it too much trouble to try to figure out the pattern on my own, cut the yarn, pulled the knitted piece off the needles and tossed it.  Now, here I am, two weeks later, searching Ravelry for lacy socks and Presto Magic!  There's the pattern.  Doh!

By the way, Diagonal Lace Socks is a free pattern.

Here's another free pattern, Lacy Rib Baby Socks from Evelyn Skae.  These would be cute to make for Hayden although I might have to enlarge them a bit.  Poor Hayden.  She got her grandmother's huge, giant, boat feet.  And if I'm enlarging them for Hayden, I might as well do the math and enlarge them enough for me too.  Or not.  Wouldn't want to have to do a bunch of math.

And yet another free pattern - Lacy Mock Cable Socks from Kat (katinkorea).  I love free patterns.  I also love mock cables.  And if you go to the Ravelry page, you'll see photos of the sock knit in self-striping yarn too.  The design looks great either way.

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  1. I usually don't think of self-striping yarn worked in lace, but you're right that those mock cable socks look adorable in that combination!

  2. Love the mock cable ones - gorgeous!!

  3. What fun socks and that is for the pattern ideas. Haven’t dipped into sock knitting - yet ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. I knit those Mock Cable socks years ago, it's a great pattern.

  5. Three great pairs of socks.

    You've inspired me. I'll put up MY three later this evening. Thanks for the good idea.

    I love Wendy Johnson's patterns too. Even if you are mostly a top down knitter, her toe up patterns are so easy to convert.

  6. Such pretty socks! I don't have the patience for fancy patterns in socks. Plain vanilla ones take me long enough.

  7. I love all three patterns. Thanks again for providing the links. I've saved them to my Ravelry page. I especially like the first one.