Thursday, October 29, 2020

Three on Thursday - Christmas Socks

Well, Stockings.  This final Socktober themed Three on Thursday post is more about stockings than socks.

Holiday Stockings designed by Michele Bernstein for Knit Picks.  I understand many of you are no longer Ravelry fans but this pattern can be purchased either from Ravelry or Knit Picks.  The pattern calls for Wool of the Andes so you know it wouldn't cost much to knit one. Or twelve.  Why twelve?  Because I have the sudden urge to knit these in college colors.  Or NFL colors.  Or any sports team for that matter.  Oh Lord, please don't let me take that project on!

Celtic Noel Christmas Stocking from Julie Steinhafel.  I love, love, love that Celtic cable around the top of the stocking.  Just love it!  The stocking would be pretty with just that single cable design but it's gorgeous with the addition of the cabling on the leg.

Stuff It Stocking by Heather Walpole.  This one is very simple and should be super quick to knit.  Should be, I say, seeing as though I've been knitting one very similar and it seems to be taking me a lifetime.  Of course, my lack of speed may have something to do with Covid causing me to become obsessed with doing jigsaw puzzles.  But I digress.  This should be a simple and quick to knit stocking.  I like the idea of adding the pompoms and may have to do that to mine.

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  1. The pompoms are darling!
    What is it about puzzles and Covid? I can't stop. Knitting used to be my stress relief but it's not working-not like puzzles.

  2. Oh,that cream-colored Celtic stocking! While I love the colorful colorways of Christmastime, for me, it always comes back to shades of white & cream. (And if you want to drop a lot of $ on a gorgeous puzzle that is multiple works of art in one box, I recommend Liberty Puzzles out of Boulder, CO.

  3. I like the pompoms too and I really, really like that celtic cable around the top of the stocking. I think I would do just that and a plain stocking so all the attention is on it. I have never really enjoyed jigsaw puzzles unless it's the 100 or or less piece ones I do with the grandkids. Anything with them is fun!

  4. Do it! Do it! Do it! ALLLLLLLL the team colors.

    The Celtic Christmas stocking gave me SUCH an idea. :-) Stay tuned.