Thursday, October 1, 2020


 Welcome to Socktober!  In addition to knitting a pair of socks for donation, my goal is to also knit as many pairs as I can for myself.  I'm in desperate need.  Ten plus years ago I went through a sock knitting phase where I obsessively knit nothing but socks.  Once that phase ended, I haven't been able to force myself to knit another pair.  And being that I walk around in my sock feet, even outdoors...  Let's just leave it at, yes, I'm in desperate need of some new socks.

For my version of Socktober, Christmas stockings count as socks too.  I have a few of those to knit as well.  October is going to be a very busy month!

Since Socktober starts on a Thursday this year, I thought I'd share a few Halloween sock patterns today.  I highly doubt I'll be making myself any of these since my goal this year is quantity, not quality.  Or cuteness.  But I wouldn't say no if someone wanted to gift me a pair of these.  ๐Ÿ˜Š

Halloween Skull Socks from Fir Tree Knitwear.  That's a lot of design work considering the pattern costs less than three US dollars.

These are Halloween Socks by Lotta Pirttimaki.  Although I'd never take the time to knit them, I'm tempted to purchase the pattern just for the designs. I just love the witch and the little house with a picket fence.

These Boo-tiful Bat Socks from Rosemary Chapman look a little more doable.  I would probably leave off the toe design, mainly because I'm lazy, but I love the designer's suggestion to use beads for the bats' eyes.  Her suggestion is to use neon green beads to match the socks but I'm thinking some glowing red or orange bat eyes would be awfully evil and Halloweenish.

So, are you participating in Socktober?  Will you be knitting a pair of Halloween socks?  While writing this post I've been thinking about how strange Halloween will be this year without trick or treating, or parties, or even me having to work.  Maybe I do need a pair of Halloween socks after all.  

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  1. Don't tempt me. I still have a bag full of the yarn I bought for my ill fated Halloween socks last year. I love the idea but not the execution.

  2. I will probably be knitting socks this month, but likely not Halloween socks (I don't tend to knit socks for any holiday because I don't like to limit when I can wear them). The colorwork in these is pretty impressive, though!

  3. Such festive socks! Like you, I went on a sock-knitting spree many years ago (15????) and then just . . . stopped. I really need to get back at it because I'm finally running low. So . . . maybe socks in October? But probably not cute Halloween socks.

  4. Oh, those are such fun patterns! I really, really love the middle one. It's way out of my league though (I can do the knitting in theory, but I don't have the attention span for it ;-) )

  5. Fun but way too fiddly for me!

  6. WOW! Look at all of that colorwork! I'll probably cast on some socks since I finished a pair on Tuesday, but not Halloween socks. Right now I've got 3 more sweaters to knit for Piper. The bigger she gets the longer they take. What's with that? :-)

  7. Oh my GOSH those are fun! I think the middle pair is my fave. Happy sockmaking month!