Tuesday, October 6, 2020

House Hunting

The past five days have been busy!  I'm exhausted!  For someone who's only left the house once or twice a month for the last six months, the last five days have been nuts!  Thursday I went to the zoo with my sister then Hayden and her parents came for dinner that night.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday we went house hunting.  

Sorry.  My fish tank is modeling my first finished sock of Socktober.  I just need to graft the toe.  I can't believe how much knitting I was able to get done while spending three days driving from one vacant house to another.

And yesterday, I finally had the biopsy on my thyroid.  The biopsy went fine and I should have the results by the end of the week.  My neck is a little sore and bruised and I look like I've been attacked by an angry mob of vampires, but the soreness was expected and the bruising isn't too bad and well, I'm just pretending I'm a Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast member.

On the way  home from the biopsy, I stopped at Hobby Lobby to by a $2.59 calligraphy pen. (I'm still protesting Michael's and refuse to shop there.)  A hundred dollars later....  I did get some other stuff besides yarn.  And I did remember to buy the pen I'd gone in for.  But I also got two sets of Patons Kroy Sock yarn.  I'm somewhat motivated to get the black and white striped skeins quickly knit into Halloween socks.

Take a closer look at the yarn on the right hand end.  I had no idea it existed.  It's Yarn Bee yarn.  I've used Yarn Bee cotton and acrylics before and they aren't terrible. But this yarn is superwash wool.  And hand dyed!  420 yards of hand dyed, 100% superwash merino wool for $14.99 a skein.  I can not wait to see how it knits up!  It feels great in the skein and I have no reason to expect it won't knit up well, other than my own prejudiced yarn snobbery.

But what I really wanted to talk about is the house hunting.  We may have found our next house.  We may also have totally and completely lost our minds.

So, the photos aren't great.  I wasn't taking them to show them off, I was taking them to remember certain things as we look at other houses.  This house is pretty hard to forget though. 

Did I mention the house is bank owned and needs some work?  It has a giant arse living room, some hideous carpet, and speakers built into the walls.  Those black round things near the floor are a few of the speakers.

It also has an even bigger bathroom.  This room was THE strangest thing any of us have ever seen.  If you look close enough, you can see three sections partially walled off with those glass blocks.  Section number one is surrounding the three seater hot tub.  

Section two is the toilet.  Yes, you can sit on the toilet and look out over the glass half wall and see the rest of the room.  And the backyard too, since there is another glass wall and a sliding glass door directly opposite the toilet and tub.  

Section three is a party shower large enough for eight really, really fat people to stand in comfortably without touching.  It didn't have eight shower heads, but it did have more than one.  And all of that is in a 22 feet by 35 feet vaulted ceiling room with two exterior glass walls.  Can you  imagine how cold you would be getting out of the shower or off the toilet in the winter?

What kind of drugs were the previous homeowners on???  What ever they were taking, they liked their music because there were speakers in the giant bathroom too.  Oh, and also on the outside of the house.  I'm sure the neighbors just loved these people!

Four out of five of the bedrooms had full kitchens in them.  They each had full bathrooms too.  This room wasn't accessible from inside the house although it is attached.  If we take on this monstrosity of a house, this will be my craft/knitting studio since it has it's own separate access.

The house did have a few nice things going for it though.  Things like the two room heated shed that will become my husband's home office, a huge garage large enough for six cars or two dump trucks and a pickup truck.  The garage had two rooms above it that could easily be turned into a man cave.  Other than getting them up there, it would be perfect for a pool table and maybe a few foosball and/or air hockey tables.

There was also a grape arbor and a small potting shed.

But my favorite thing was the kitchen.  There is SO much counter space!  The gas cooktop (which I love!) is on the center island along with a second sink.  Behind the stove to the right is the refrigerator, directly behind the stove is the microwave and another small counter space, and to the left is the double wall oven.

But even better than the cooking arrangement is the main sink.  Can you see it?  The sink is in a bay window and there is a good two feet of counter space between the sink and the window.  Can you imagine how many herbs I could grow there?

Oh my goodness, I just love that kitchen!

That kitchen totally makes up for the moldy carpet, freaky giant bathroom, the leaky roof and the rotting exterior wall that will need to be replaced.  Totally!

Oh and you know what else?  There's a sheep farm across the street.  Sheep!!  Sheep, right across the road!  I'll be able to watch them and probably pet them without having to pay or care for them.  Can it get any better than that??


  1. That's certainly an interesting house! It looks like it has a lot of potential, though, and I would have been sold just on the basis of being across from sheep!

  2. What a house!!! I have never heard of Yarn Bee but what a great price. Looks like you got some purty colors too.

  3. Wow, that seems like a great house. I love that kitchen!

  4. That house has a story to tell.....

  5. I'm out of the loop - why are you boycotting Michael's? I know lots of people are boycotting Hobby Lobby, but I haven't heard anything about Michael's. Clearly I need to pay more attention ...

  6. I'm out of the loop, too. What's up with Michael's?
    That house is just wild. I do love that kitchen. Not sure what to make of kitchens in bedrooms, though.
    We plan to look next summer, but we want to downsize!

  7. I have used Yarn Bee cotton and acrylic and liked them a lot so I'm very interested on how you like the new yarn. I've never seen it in our Hobby Lobby, but then I haven't shopped much lately. I have just run in a few times, bought exactly what I needed without any browsing.
    That house is really interesting. The bathroom...not so much but like you, I think the kitchen makes up for it.

  8. interesting house and isn't it nice to be excited about something? I know I would be. I hope your plans go through and you can have a stress free life in a new house. Hoping your biopsy is a okay!!

  9. Oh My Lard!!! That house is, is, something! But it can become something spectacular with the right touch.

  10. Sheep too! WOW. That house must have a fascinating history!!!!! Im so glad your surgery is over. Here's to 100% recovery