Friday, October 9, 2020


First, before we get into this post, let me explain the other day's post because several of you asked about it.  Boycotting Michael's isn't "a" thing, it's just my thing.  Believe it or not, I've been boycotting them for over two years now.  Yes, I can hold a grudge!  They had a sign posted on their Mildliner highlighter display saying "All highlighters on sale..."  Sarah and I both LOVE Mildliners and go through them almost as fast as I go through yarn.  I think it was a buy 2, get one free type of sale but I really don't remember.  All I do remember is that I had a cart full of Mildliners and when I got to the register, they said the Mildliners weren't part of the sale.  I asked for the manager.  She said nope.  Even though the sign said "all" highlighters and was hanging on the Mildliner display, they weren't on sale.  So I got pissed, didn't purchase anything in my cart and haven't been back since. Michaels lost a good customer who spent hundreds of dollars in their store each month that day.  And yes, I may be being petty and a little ridiculous about it, but dammit!  The sign said "All highlighters."

So on to today's post...

This never leaving the house, covid life in the country can get a little monotonous so we take our thrills where we can get them.

There was a sycamore tree right beside the pool that was going to destroy the pool eventually plus its branches were hanging down and blocking the driveway.  (Just ignore the cooler and a cup of what was at one time a strawberry daquiri still sitting beside the pool a month after we stopped swimming.  Good Lord!)

They cut...

And used the chainsaw...

And got the tree undressed....

Then they pulled and pulled and pulled....

And with a nice crack and a tha-wunk, the tree was gone.

And while I watched all the tree excitement, I cast on another sock.  (Patons Kroy Socks in Zebra Stripe on US1 dpns)

By the way, if you happen to be local and have a misbehaving tree, the guys from Tri-Cities Tree & Stump Removal were great.  They removed a few other much larger trees for us as well.  They arrived at a respectful time in the morning, were polite and friendly without being overly chatty, did a great job removing the trees, did an even better job cleaning up after themselves (I was pretty impressed with their raking and stick picking up skills!) and I never heard them curse the entire time they were here.  They even managed to dodge the lawn mowing company guys who showed up near the end of the tree cutting.  The mowing guys Fly through our yard going Way too fast around corners and blind spots.  I thought for sure the mowers were going to take out a tree cutter dude but thankfully, no.  I guess the tree cutters are good at dodging large, fast things coming at them.


  1. I'm always impressed by the folks who remove trees. Several years ago, a neighbor on the street next to us (whose house is basically right behind ours) had several really large trees removed, and it required some large equipment to be set up on our street. We were kind of trapped in our house while it was occurring, but it was amazing to watch them work!

  2. I was the same way with JC Penny. They sent me a coupon and I went and loaded up a cart with back to school clothes for the kids and when I got to the register it didn't work. It wasn't expired. It just didn't work and it was "too bad so sad" on their part. I too left my cart and never went back.

  3. I boycott Walmart all the time for many and various reasons. We had trees removed a few years ago and it was completely entertaining. nice sock beginning!

  4. We had a tree removed last spring and I couldn't believe they were completely done in about 35 minutes from start to finish, including a great clean-up! It was amazing to watch.
    I agree with the Michaels coupons. I still shop there once in awhile but the fine print on the coupons get me everytime. I feel kind of bad for the cashiers who have no control over any of it. Well, except for one. I honestly don't know how she's still working there because she is mean and snippy to everyone.
    Enjoy your socks!

  5. I boycott them for personal reason, but haven't been in one in years. I try to boycott Target due to having my debit card stolen TWICE! At the SAME location!! 1 year apart!!! But my family keep requesting things from there. Boo

  6. Love the zebra socks.!!! Or skunk or woodpecker I guess.
    My husband and I took a big evergreen down that bugs had destroyed. Holes all the way up and down the bark. IT is our 16th? tree we have taken down since we moved here. We have planted much smaller trees, to the tune of 9 evergreens, 2 willows and 5 poplars. I baby them all. I try very hard to keep our forest healthy as well. I planted and am not giving the clover to the forest floor to restore nitrogen to it.