Friday, September 11, 2020

Tiny Tea Leaves

 Sometimes I really am a horrible person.  Karen from Pumpkin Sunrise gifted me the Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan pattern a while back and now, I can't remember why.  I'm not sure if it was a "Congratulations on the new grandchild" gift or a "Here's something to cheer you up because you sound like you are on the very edge of sanity" gift.  I feel terrible that I can't remember the why, but it does go to show how close to the edge I was there for a while.  

Anyway.... The smallest size the pattern makes is a 2T so I wasn't in a rush to get started on it when I first received the pattern.  I did, however, immediately buy yarn for it.

And now I'm knitting it.  Hayden will turn six months old next week but she's already close to outgrowing her nine month clothes.  The child is thin, but tall.  My hope is that she can roll the sleeves this winter and still be able to fit into it next winter.  We'll see how that plan goes.  

If any of you grandmas out there have knitting for babies hints for guessing future sizes, please, please pass them on.  I've been trying to recall my own kids' growth but they were both practically feral and were naked half the time.  Okay, I should probably explain that.  We lived at the lake so summers were spent in the water and winters, Zack preferred sweatpants and t-shirts and Sarah wore stretchy leggings or skirts and oversized sweatshirts so size didn't matter that much.  And then there was that year that Sarah refused to take off her Cinderella Halloween costume ball gown.  She wore it Everywhere.  We'd get some pretty strange looks in the grocery store but she was happy and I learned early on in parenthood that it was best to pick your battles so....

Anyway.... I'm knitting a Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan and am very thankful I was gifted the pattern.  Thank you, Karen!  You can tell I'm not very far into it but it's a very simple pattern so far.  I'm knitting it with Blossom Heather Wool of the Andes.  I've never been a big fan of pink but I absolutely Love Blossom Heather.  As usual, that photo isn't great.  It's pouring down rain (has it ever not been raining in 2020??) and very dark in here so the color is off in the picture.

Besides knitting, the search for a house to renovate continues.

The most recent house we looked at had that wonderful sign written on a hallway wall.  The house looked like the sign may have been true.  Yikes!


  1. Holy smokes!!! What a message to leave. I'd be passing on that one too. Wow....

  2. Well, that's a sign to RUN, RUN AWAY! from that house!

    As to baby sizing, I always think that bigger is better. Even if it's too big for now, as you said, sleeves can be rolled up, and it's always better if a sweater can be grown into rather than fitting now (which means it's likely to be outgrown very soon).

  3. I think I was thinking 'oh you like this pattern, here's a gift!' but like you my memory dims. I love the squishy yarn you are knitting :)

  4. The pattern is beautiful and nope on that house, scary isn't it?