Thursday, September 17, 2020

Three on Thursday - Don't hate me

 Please don't hate me... But I've been thinking about Christmas knitting.  I have that new granddaughter and she'll be needing a Christmas sweater at a minimum, not to mention a stocking and I really, really want to knit her an Advent thing.  Okay, let's rephrase that last bit.  I really, really want to give her an Advent thing that I have knit, I just don't actually want to knit it.  Little tiny fiddly things aren't really my jam and the idea of knitting 24 of the same thing sends me straight to the bottom of a bottle.  But every child needs an Advent thing so...

Anyway, I've been thinking about Christmas knitting.  Knitting for Hayden and even little gifts for friends and family.  And since I intend to do Soctober because I'm in desperate need of some new socks that only leaves November for Christmas knitting, so...  I need to get on the ball!  And quickly!!

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Smitten by Emily Ivey here on the blog before.  It's a free mini mitten pattern on Ravelry and the pattern includes quite a few suggestions for how to make the display cord.  I think these little mittens are adorable and would be perfect for stuffing with a tiny little gift or candy for each day of Advent.  Or, just knitting five or six little mittens, putting them on a cord and using it as a simple garland somewhere in the home. 

I've also been tossing around the idea of knitting little miniature socks and doing the same thing.  Which would be easier/less complicated?  Thumbs or heels?  I can't decide so I do nothing.

If I was a better Grandma, I would knit this garland designed by Frankie Brown.  This is another Ravelry freebie.  I really like the idea of each item being different.  The different items provide so much more display opportunity than 24 of the same thing but....  It's awfully fiddly.  Unless I'm wheelchair bound and pain-free for several months, I highly doubt I will ever knit this.

But then, this little angel is adorable too.  And it's also a free pattern from DROPS.  And I'm 99.9999% sure I WAY over-ordered white yarn for my poinsettia needlepoint.  I could use the leftovers from that project to make a bunch of these little angels.  I could even give her some arms to hold the Advent number sign or just give her a necklace with the number written on it.  Angels wear necklaces sometimes, right?

Argh! Decisions, decisions!  I'm so bad at making decisions.

Feel free to send me your input.  Meanwhile, I hope you'll join me over at Carole's for today's Three on Thursday.

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  1. I sometimes wish I celebrated Christmas and had an excuse for an Advent something-or-other knit, because these are so cute!

  2. Such cute little holiday knits! It's certainly not too early to begin planning -- and knitting! -- for Christmas.

  3. Your title made me laugh, Jeannie—I knew it was some Christmas knitting!! Hey, whatever it takes to be on the positive track these days, I say... :)

  4. I love the mittens! I knitted over 100 mini Christmas stocking last year for the Veteran's Home. They loved them and I stuffed them with an LED easy on/off flashlight. I didn't get tired of them and made them all within a few weeks.

  5. I skipped Christmas last year and I'm skipping it again this year so you are off the hook with me. I am not even tempted. Between the pandemic and the remodel mess there is NO way I would even think of it. I'll make some cards but that's it. Yours should be on the way soon. I have them finished but I was waiting for some cooler weather so I could mail you some soap with them.

  6. I don't hate you at all ... I think it's wonderful that you're even thinking about Christmas right now! (that said, I have NO ideas for the Advent knitting - I helped my daughter make an advent calendar for her boys ... felt, embroidery thread, and lots of beads!)