Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sunday Supper - Tortellini Soup

Wow, it feels like it's been ages since I posted a Sunday Supper.  I know I've been skipping a lot of blog posts recently.  The home life has been a little wild and crazy lately and I'm having trouble keeping up. My apologies.

Hopefully, today's recipe will make up for it.  

Virginia's change of seasons always had produced crazy weather but this summer-to-fall has been super crazy, even for Virginia.  We seem to be having an actual fall this year!  The temperatures went from 98 to 78 overnight.  A week or two went by with daytime temps in the upper 70's and then they suddenly dropped to the low 60's for daily highs.  I'm loving it but I am a little chilly.  With the exception of the sweaters I knit this summer, all my fall/winter clothing is in storage.  My warmest shirt here at the house is a short sleeve t-shirt.  I look ridiculous because I love fall and refuse to spend it indoors, but I'm cold so I'm outside wrapped up in blankets and shawls while wearing my summer sleeveless tops and shorts.  With wool socks of course.

Anyway, the point I'm not making very well is that it's been chilly.  I want soup.  Lots and lots of hot, steamy soup.

And I think this recipe for Tortellini Soup from My 100 Year Old Home will fit the bill just fine.

I also think you could leave out the sausage (or not) and change up the tortellini stuffing (my favorite is spinach) and have a completely different flavored soup.  Well, almost completely.  Well, maybe not even almost.  But different tortellini should make for a slightly different soup.


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  1. We had a similar drop in temps and it feels very fall-like here this weekend (highs only in the 60s!). I love it! And I'm also craving soup, so thanks for the recipe link.

  2. We went from AC weather to putting the heat on in 24 hours. I've got chili in the crockpot on this chilly Sunday. It smells so good.

  3. We had a similar temperature change just in the past few days, plus we had rain for the first time in 3 months during the night last night. I loved hearing it fall on the roof of the RV. It scoured the sky and we have NO SMOKE today. Hopefully that will last at least a few days. It's nice to be able to breathe outside. Thanks for the recipe. I'm making homemade macaroni & cheese with ham tonight. Hubby's request.

  4. I love Tortellini soup and how you can change it up! I made broccoli soup today but botched it somewhere along the way, it's not very smooth. But I will eat it anyway!! Chili last night, very hot and spicy. I am set for the week.