Tuesday, July 21, 2020



Tiny Needle Tuesday (TNT)
A tiny little beach chair cross stitch

I finally get to have a TNT (Tiny Needle Tuesday) post!

Doesn't look like much yet plus I forgot to take photos for today's post until late last night so the lighting is horrible.  Even more horrible than normal!  Some of the bad lighting might be karma coming to get me.  I'm feeling a little bit guilty about the pattern.  

I'm not even sure what magazine I saw it in, but it was one of those 'Ladies' magazines about decorating, cooking and  old age face creams.  Anyway... In one of the photos of a beach house, there was a simple little cross stitched beach chair hanging on the wall.  I thought it was adorable and that it would be so cute to have a set of them in different colors... So I ripped the page out of the magazine, scanned it into the computer, enlarged it and hand copied the pattern onto graph paper.

And twenty minutes after I sat down to start stitching, Hayden came to visit so I didn't get very far.  But that's okay.  I have a few stitches done.  It counts as a TNT!

Icicle Aloft from Knit Picks https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1435475&u=1446317&m=59159&urllink=&afftrack=
Timeless Pullover knit with Aloft, a mohair and silk blend

The Timeless pullover is coming along, slowly, but surely.  Actually, I'm astounded at how much progress I've made considering the sweater is knit with mohair, it's July in Virginia, and we've had a week of 95+ degree days with 'feels like' temperatures exceeding 105 degrees.  

Timeless is obviously way too big for my mannequin, but that's a good thing.  I am also much bigger than my mannequin.  I haven't had the nerve to try the sweater on yet.  Did I mention that it's been 95+ degrees with 'feels like' temperatures exceeding 105?  Yeah, I'm sticking with the "I can block that out" theory until it cools off.  Cools way, way off!


  1. Oh fun! A set of beach chairs in different colors will look great! Timeless is coming along - I'm amazed at your progress too given the weather. The color of Aloft gets me every single time - gorgeous!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing those beach chairs!

  3. It is TOO HOT. I can't even look at wool right now but I am going to force myself to pick up something today even if it just for a few minute. Your sweater looks like a cloud. It's really lovely.

  4. Too funny!! I can't imagine why you aren't trying on a mohair sweater in July!!!

  5. Those beach chairs sound like lots of fun to stitch. We've had such a cool, wet spring that the 95+ temps this week feel much hotter than they usually do. Add in moving furniture and packing and I've been a hot, dripping mess the past few days and today will be more of the same. I'm supposed to be at the house by about noon and we'll keep going until nine or ten tonight after Dennis gets off work.
    I don't know how you're knitting with mohair right now but that sweater is going to be gorgeous. I really like the color. It reminds me of the ocean off the Oregon coast.

  6. love your timeless, it looks like an airy cloud! Also love your summery stitching.

  7. oh the beach chairs!!!!!! Perfect and so sweet