Thursday, July 23, 2020

Three on Thursday - Still only July?

Well, I'm still suffering from fall fever.  On top of wanting to wear jeans and flannel and sit around the fire pit sipping hot spiced tea, I'm also starting to crave candy corn.  I may not survive August at this point.

The fall fever may send me completely over the edge, but at least I can knit fall things while I wait for cooler weather.  Today's Three on Thursday is three mitten patterns.

Hand knit cabled fingerless gloves
Kindling Mitts by Helen Stewart
First of all, I love fingerless mitts.  Second of all, I Love cabled fingerless mitts.  And third, I LOVE the yarn used in that photo.  It just looks so soft and warm and I adore the tiny flecks of color.  These mitts are Kindling Mitts by Helen Stewart.  I've been on a Helen Stewart pattern kick lately.  I discovered her designs last month and Wow!  She's got so many wonderful designs.

Hand knit mittens with a floral fair isle design; free pattern
Mittens Nomen by Dela Hausmann
I'm fascinated by how different the pattern in these Nomen mittens looks depending on the colors used.  I'm also obsessed with the color scheme on the left.  Oh, and this pattern is free on Ravelry.

Hand knit women's mittens with elephants; fair isle knitting
Mittens that Never Forget by Elizabeth Lubowitz
I just love the elephants on these mittens.  Besides being adorable, they remind me of Hayden.  Her room is decorated with elephants.  I wonder if I knit a pair for her now, could I keep up with them until she was a teen and big enough to wear them?

Hope you'll join me over at Carole's for Three on Thursday.


  1. I love colorwork mittens! I tend to knit them in thin yarn so they take a while, but they're such a treat to wear. I hadn't seen the two patterns you shared, so thanks for bringing them to my attention!

  2. I love those colorwork mittens are gorgeous. I HATE stranding in a small circumference so I usually admire them from afar. Having said that Daughter brought me the yarn from Iceland to make a pair pretty similar to the second ones. I'm going to have to bite that bullet and get them cast on someday.

  3. Mitten knitting ought to put you right where you want to be!

  4. Oh I love the second ones...but I can't figure out how to get the pattern!

  5. Those are all such beautiful mittens. My favorites are the last ones. So cute.

  6. oh my. full stop and a rabbit hole on those Kindling Mitts - thank you! (I think ;-) this pattern is still in my queue from last year and I am committed to making them ... soon!