Thursday, July 9, 2020

Three on Thursday - Is if fall yet?

Now that the 4th of July is in the wind, I have fall fever.  No, I don't want the weather to turn cold so that I have to stop floating in the pool but... I could really go for jeans, a flannel shirt, a fire in the fire pit and some hot spiced tea.

Between my fall fever and Virginia's July heat and humidity, I need to be knitting small, tiny things.  Things that don't lay in my lap.  Things that never even touch my lap.  And so, for today's Three on Thursday, three hat patterns.

Pumpkins, cats and ghosts knit into a hat for Halloween; free pattern
Halloween Knit Hat by Holly G. Hats
hat for Halloween!  What could be better for fall fever knitting in July?  It could also be a good stash buster project, although I don't think I have an appropriate purple or green in my stash.  Perhaps I need to go yarn shopping.

Free pattern for a simple to knit earflap hat
1898 Hat by Kristine Byrnes
I may have mentioned this one before.  I've downloaded the pattern multiple times but for some reason, I've never knit it.  It looks fairly simple, easy and quick to knit, all things right up my alley.

Do any of  you have to use a radio for work?  It's been ten months since I left my job, but the instant I saw that dude's radio, I could feel my finger flexing as if to push the talk button and my old radio call sign popped into my head.  Gosh, habits are hard to break!

Free pattern for knitted hat; great stash buster project!
Ombre Hat by Emily Dormier
I've been wanting to knit an Ombre Hat for a while.  I think this would be a great stash buster project and I am all about stash busting these days!

I hope you enjoy these free hat patterns and that you'll join me for Three on Thursday.


  1. All great hats! I'm trying to find my knitting mojo back, so naturally I'm knitting a hat right now ;-)

  2. I have knit the 1898 Hat before and it's definitely a fun knit. I've found that the hat is a little shallow if you follow the directions, though, so I usually add some additional length before working the crown decreases.

  3. These are all great patterns! I love the 1898 hat.

  4. Oh, now you gone and done it! I can't knit hats right now!! I have to finish wedding stuff! And that shawl that's been on my needles for months, and make 2 baby quilts, and, and, and!!!! But now all I want to do is knit hats!!!

  5. I can't wait for fall! It's been too hot and muggy for too long. I've got some serious cabin fever going on.

  6. I'm just starting to revel in summer so I don't want to think about fall yet. I do love that Halloween hat, though!

  7. Hats give me such fit problems. I swear all the hats I've knit and gifted and worn, they lose their shape. I have to make friends with a yarn and pattern that work over time. Help? ! I always had to scanner on when Fireman was working. I have the radio up here., but it lost its lure when Fireman retired.

  8. Steve's fire radio looks just like that. Boy, is that bugger heavy. It really pulls on the loop on his bunker coat.

    I might have to make one or two of those 1898 hats. I have a bit of worsted in the stash.

  9. I really like these hat patterns and downloaded all of them. I think my granddaughter will love the Ombre pattern and I like the 1898 pattern.

  10. Hats sound like a great knitting option for the summertime.