Thursday, July 30, 2020

Three on Thursday - Adult Popsicles

This past Sunday's post where I shared a recipe for gin and tonic popsicles was a hit with many of you.  But a few of you commented that you'd prefer boozy chocolate popsicles.  


#cookingfromscratch; recipe for homemade adult chocolate popsicles
Fudgesicles from
These fudgesicles are made with Godiva liqueur but there are suggestions for substituting kahula, burbon, rum, or......Well, there's lots of options.  There's even a non alcoholic version.

#cookingfromscratch; recipe for adult popsicles made with Baileys
Boozy Chocolate and Coffee Popsicles from

These popsicles are made with Baileys for the chocolate and coffee lovers.  Honestly, I don't think there's anything in this world that would be better than a Baileys popsicle!

#recipes; homemade adult popsicles made with Nutella and bourbon.
Boozy Nutella Popsicles from
Or, how about these?  I'm not a huge Nutella fan, I mean, it's okay, but I don't go crazy for it like lots of people do.  But Nutella and bourbon, frozen on a stick?  Oh yeah!  The recipe is here.

You're welcome.

Hope you'll join me for today's Three on Thursday gathering.

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  1. I think I need to order some popsicle molds!

  2. I need to find my popsicle mold!! I hope I didn't get rid of it!

  3. You are killing me here!!!
    Yes, I'll send you the cards when I get then finished and NO you don't need to buy them. I'd be happy to make them for you. It gives me something to do.

  4. I lost my popsicle molds sometime years ago. The chocolate non-alcoholic ones sound wonderful to me. It's supposed to reach 102F today and 104F tomorrow.

  5. I always say I'm going to make adult popsicles for our Cape Cod vacation and I never do. Maybe this post will inspire me to actually do it!

  6. Oh yum! They sound delicious.

    How well do they freeze with the alcohol in them. Do they stay "mushy"?