Friday, July 24, 2020

On the Needles

Timeless Pullover

I'm still plugging away at Timeless and will probably still be knitting on it this time next month.  I knit and I knit and I knit and I knit some more... and it seems I make no progress what so ever.  And that's weird because with the two strands of mohair held together, I'm getting gauge at five stitches to the inch.  I think it just feels like it's taking forever because I can't read while I knit all this stockinette. Well, I can, but I find myself only grabbing one strand too frequently to bother.  

Despite not being able to read while I knit, it's still a fun project.  The yarn is just so light and soft and it hasn't shed all over my clothes a single time.  

And, the sweater fits!  Actually, it might be a little bit too big.  I was in between sizes so I opted for the larger size because I'm not into body hugging clothes these days.  

And for those of you interested in the tank....  I have a new addition.  Meet Herman.  He's a Mystery Albino snail and he is going to help me with my algae problem.  Apparently I can't count.  I had the timer for my lights set on 10 hours, not 8.  Oops!  A big, giant oops actually.  Everything was okay until I got Viviane, the second female Emperor Tetra.  She came from a shop that specializes in plants rather than fish and her tank wasn't the cleanest.  Two days later, Bam!  I had a Massive algae problem.  I'm blaming Viviane's water but I know my light timer miscalculation may have been the cause.  Anyway, I've been fighting algae ever since and hopefully Herman is going to help.

Now, if I can just resist the urge to get Herman a girlfriend....

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  1. What a cute little snail. When I inherited Son's tank, many years ago, he had snails in it and I liked them better than the fish.

  2. Oh I like Herman!! And, I think he does need a girlfriend. Timeless is gorgeous.

  3. Your sweater is going to be spectacular when it's done! Have you considered listening to an audiobook while you knit?

  4. I hope your snail does his job! I love that fluffy project immensely!

  5. That sweater will be gorgeous!! I used to have a gold mohair cardigan that I wore constantly, man, I wish I still had that sweater. Love the 3 mittens, might have to do those fingerless ones.

  6. Herman is a sweet little snail and he NEEDS a girlfriend! :-) Your sweater is going to be beautiful. I like to read while I knit too but sometimes it's just not worth it. Too many mistakes.

  7. There is such science in aquariums balance! Your sweater looks like a cloud

  8. Love your sweater and your tank stories. Stay safe.