Tuesday, July 7, 2020

On and off the needles

Let's go backwards in time.

Easy pullover knit with 2 strands of mohair held together https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1435475&u=1446317&m=59159&urllink=&afftrack=
Timeless Pullover knit with Aloft
 Apparently, I'm a masochist.  Why else would I have started knitting a mohair sweater in July in Virginia?  This sweater will definitely be an indoor-only project. Granted, I've only knit on it during one sitting but the mohair wasn't bad at all.  It always amazes me how thick and squishy mohair knits up.  For once, I'm using the yarn the pattern calls for - Aloft from Knit Picks.  It's a mohair & silk blend and the color is Iceberg.

I finished the Palette sampler sweater.  That is, I finished the knitting.  The underarms still need to be sewn up and I haven't woven in any of the ends yet. 

The sweater fits great and I love the ribbing on the entire forearm, but I'm not so sure about how the sleeves balloon out above the ribbing.  If I ever make another with this style, I will decrease at a much faster rate before starting the ribbing.  I'm still not sure how I feel about the colors/stripes.  I love the colors individually but... I can't help but feel like I'm going to look like an overweight orange zebra when I wear it.  

A turtle crawled out of the swamp to join our 4th of July gathering.

To give you an idea of his size, because I know you are intensely interested, that's a trenta Starbucks cup for size reference.

Miss Hayden came over for 4th of July and enjoyed skinny dipping.  We know she likes swimming on top of the water but it's debatable whether she enjoyed swimming under it.

Because we have THE best daughter in the world and said daughter likes to cook, Mike and I were free to spend the morning of the 4th floating together.  Neither of us are very touchy-feely and we rarely hold hands.  I'm not really sure how he feels about it but for me, after about 3 minutes you better let go of my hand or you're going to get punched.  It makes me feel like I'm hand cuffed or something.  But, we kept bumping into each other and I laughingly suggested we hold hands so we'd move in unison... and we spent the next two hours holding hands in the pool.  It was really nice, except for the fact Mike hadn't put on sunscreen and now he's glowing so red you can see him from outer space.

And no, Covid has not been kind to my bangs.

But despite Mike's sunburn and my wild woman bangs, we had a great Independence Day.  Hope yours was happy too!


  1. Love that picture of you and Mike floating - looks SO relaxing!! Miss Hayden is just adorable. I think your Palette sweater turned out great and LOVE your new start. What a pretty shade of yarn.

  2. I love how that sweater turned out! You will love to wear some color in winter.
    That picture of you and Mike looks so relaxing. Now I want to go and float.

  3. I LOVE how the sweater came out! It looks so perfectly comfy. That is my kind of sweater. I am going to have to go back and read how you did that since I have more Palette than God and would love to use it up.

  4. The Palette sweater is amazing! The puffed sleeve is apparently very in right now, you know, as is the marled look. Did you realize how stylish you were being with this sweater?

    Looking at the photo of you two floating, I feel so relaxed. It's been beastly hot here and I'd really like a nice pool to float in.

  5. The sweater is wonderful! I think they colors are perfect, so good job, whether you are considered a Zebra is all in the perspective of the one viewing you. Lions or people? We floated in a pool on Saturday, well I did more floating, Hubster doesn't like the water, just not much of a pool guy.

  6. ahhhh... that pool does look delightful. as does air conditioning on the inside for mohair knitting in July!

  7. I am just like you, no holding hands! But you two sure look cute in the pool!

  8. That mohair is BEAUTIFUL and a big congrats on finishing your sweater.

    Glad you got to spend some quality pool time. Looks soooooooooo relaxing.

  9. Ohhh, I love your new sweater. It looks so comfortable. I've never knit with mohair and your new projects looks beautiful and soft.
    I hope Mike's sunburn is doing better. I burn so easy I would have to lotion up good if I visited your pool. Those floaty chairs look wonderful and relaxing.

  10. Oh I feel like I need a good float. We are taking our friends out to paddle board in a while. IT will soothe the soul. Oops on the sunburn. Ugh on the that cute fat baby.. I always hated the Nirvana record album cover with the baby swimming underwater!