Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Thunder Storms

I've been floating and am now so relaxed my entire body feels like wet spaghetti.  It's a wonderful feeling!  Even though I'm getting absolutely no exercise, being out in the sun makes me tired so I'm sleeping better at night.  Floating is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

learning to swim
Hayden's first time in a pool

Hayden even came to float with me.  Turns out, Hayden prefers swimming to floating.  It was her first time in a pool and she took to it like a duck in water.  She was even putting her face down in the water and she'd come up blowing bubbles and grinning.  Michael Phelps better watch out.  He's going to have some competition!

The drawback to floating is that I haven't been getting much knitting done.  Between being sun tired and being so relaxed, I'm going to bed sometimes as much as two hours earlier than normal.  It's pretty crazy!  

I have finished one arm on my Palette sweater and have knit a few rounds on the other sleeve.  I was knitting on the deck after dinner, but it's gotten way too hot and humid to hold that beast of a sweater in my lap.  It's definitely an indoor project now.

Sunburned and the start of a Reyna

Luckily a thunderstorm rolled through Sunday afternoon and interrupted my floating.  I'd been in the pool for about four hours and was getting a little crispy.  I love thunderstorms and enjoy sitting on the covered deck, watching them.  And if I'm sitting, I'm knitting... but that sweater is just too hot to work on outdoors so I started something new.

Superwash fingering weight sock yarn
Lagoon from Organized Chaos Yarns

I started out knitting another Reyna but I'm not 100% positive that is what it will be when I'm finished.  This skein from Organized Chaos has a lot more yardage than the pattern calls for.  I may or may not modify it in some way.  We'll see.

I am over the moon in love with this colorway.  The photo does not begin to do it justice.  The colorway is called Lagoon and it is simply gorgeous!  It almost glows and really does look like deep, clear bluish green water.  My skein is much darker with deeper colors than the one pictured on Organized Chaos's website.  

This new Reyna is supposed to be my deck knitting only project but it's going to be very difficult to keep that promise to myself.  But, I'm also determined that the Palette sweater is not going to be removed from my knitting bag until it's finished.  And I love my knitting bag and there's no room for anything else in there right now so.... I'm vowing to plow ahead on that final sleeve.  When I'm not floating that is.


  1. It sounds like you're making the most of the pool -- just don't forget to wear your sunblock and hydrate! (And you can feel free to respond to this comment with "Yes, mom!"!)

  2. Hayden looks so cute in the pool! Love that picture. Don't get too sun burned!!! I used to do that all the time and am now paying the price with visits to the dermatologist to have basil cells removed....not fun (plus I lost half my nose!!). Love that Lagoon yarn - so aptly named!

  3. I've got terrible pool envy!

  4. Floating in a pool sounds like heaven! We don't even have AC!
    I cannot knit a Rayna to save my life. My yarn-overs get off-kilter!
    I have a similar sweater in my main knitting bag -- but it is just too hot for sweaters now!

  5. Good for you floating and relaxing, it is just what you need. My older two boys were big swimmers at a very early age. You have to be in Florida to prevent drownings. My oldest went to Ohio State and Swam so it obviously worked out for him! Enjoy, remember knitting can wait, summer goes by quickly.

  6. The stress relief of floating is just as good as exercise.

    That photo of Hayden is adorable. She's growing up too fast!!!

  7. the knitting will always be there, summer is only once so I say float away. Love the photo of Hayden what a cutie and so very brave!

  8. Love that yarn color. And that baby girl is adorable!!!

  9. I simply love to float too. Whenever we are on our paddleboards I lay down close my eyes andfloatfor a while.my husband spots for me so I don't get hit by a boat.I think floating is good therapy