Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Pool

Bliss!  We finally got the pool up and running.  Well, not running per say - we still need a replacement part and a ton of salt.  But there's water in the pool and that's what's important.

First, the pool guys removed the old, mangled liner then they added a new layer of sand.

Then they installed a new liner.

Then the tanker truck showed up and brought us a load of water.  Can you see the ice cubes coming out of that hose?  Okay, there may not have been actual cubes, but that was some seriously cold water!

The next day the tanker truck brought us a second load of water.  It was a beautiful day and Zack and family showed up for a visit and we all ended up getting in the pool.  It wasn't bad once your heart started beating again.  It was a little chilly but really, within minutes of getting in, you were so numb you didn't feel the cold.

And yes, I was kind to my family and didn't take any photos of anyone in their bathing suit.  Well, no one except my own foot.

And the next day the temperature dropped 15 degrees and it rained all day.

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Even if we couldn't get in the pool, it was nice to sit out on the covered deck and knit while watching the rain fall into the pool.  Definitely didn't have to worry about being too hot!

On a completely different note... How many of you are Blogger bloggers?  What is up with Blogger??  I chose to switch to the new format early so that I could get used it it but didn't notice much difference.  A slight change in layout for Stats and such but no big deal.  Then the other day, the entire site was completely different. Completely confusingly different. It took me an extra 45 minutes to write a simple blog post because the new format was so convoluted.  And now, I'm back to the old, original format with no changes what so ever.  Is it me, or is it Blogger?


  1. I hope that water warms up enough to allow you to swim without your heart stopping from the cold!

  2. I predict that when you get those really hot summer days, you'll be very thankful for a cold pool to jump into! (And one would hope it wouldn't be cold enough to stop your heart by then!)

  3. I hope you all enjoy the pool!

  4. Oh, it is Blogger. The new format is AWFUL. And, STILL, the same old problems with notifications and all that happy horsecrap.

    P.S. The pool looks wonderfully relaxing.

  5. It's Blogger. It happened to me too. It takes forever to write a post now and adding pictures is a nightmare. It's such a slog and I hate it.
    Love the pool. When my grandmother retired she had a pool put in her yard and never once got in it. She would fix herself a cocktail and just sit and watch the water. She knew how to live.

  6. What a wonderful pool. It looks like a lot of work but I sure would love to jump in. Not today though. It's raining...again. Four days in a row and 44F. I'm having fun baking and doing laundry in the camper though and enjoying myself.
    I've heard it's blogger although I haven't experienced it yet. Probably just jinxed myself.

  7. We haven't had our own pool since 2000! I miss it. Mom had a pool but they moved a few years ago, and we're 3 hours away now, so, no pool for the doggies to enjoy. Sad.

  8. I would love to have a pool, but I would absolutely HATE the upkeep. I use blogger, but haven't tried the new format yet...guess I'm going to have to soon...

  9. yay for a new pool liner!! I love the new blogger and quickly got used to it.

  10. your pool looks lovely. I quit Blogger two years ago because of so many issues like yours. must say, wordpress is awesome!

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