Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Palette Sweater

Remember my yarn stash post last week?  Remember the box of 22 skeins of red, orange and brown Palette from Knit Picks?  I purchased the majority of those skeins as a value pack ages ago.  I think the pack was called Fire but I really don't remember.  It may have been named Ember, or Fire and Embers.  I don't know.  It had something to do with fire and the name really makes absolutely no difference here.  

So, moving on....

I had the big value pack of reds, oranges and browns and I had a few more of the same colored skeins already in the stash so I combined them all together.  Some are not full skeins, but most are.  What to do with them?

Simple ragland sweater knit with 2 strands of fingering yarn held together. https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=1435479&u=1446317&m=59159&urllink=&afftrack=
Palette Sweater

I decided to knit a sweater with them.  I'm holding two skeins together (one red/orange and one brown) and I'm doing a not so great job of fading them.   I started off with the first skeins of red and brown and knit until I got bored, cut the brown, added a different brown and kept knitting.  When I got bored with that combo, I cut the red, added a different one and kept knitting.  

I was pretty happy with it until I wasn't.  I can't decide.  There are three skeins of "orange" that are more coral or pink and are much lighter than all the other reds and oranges.  While I LOVE the coral colors, I'm not sure I love them in this sweater.  But, I'm going to keep going with it because I didn't think I loved the first color combo either.  

I think this sweater may be like a scrap yarn mitered square blanket.  Sort of hideous when you look at it close up and none of the colors coordinate well, but gorgeous from a distance.  If that turns out not to be the case here, then well, I'll have a sweater to wear around the house when I'm doing housework, painting or doing some type of dirty, clothes staining work.

Hopefully I'll have a sweater I won't be too embarrassed to wear in public but if not, it's not a great loss.  The idea, after all, is to use up some of my yarn.

I am lightly kicking myself for not simply knitting an original So Faded sweater but.... I am using up more yarn at a faster rate this way.  And that is the goal.


  1. I think this is a brilliant idea! There's always the option to overdye the whole thing when you're done if it's a bit too crazy. Or if it's really bad, felt it and then cut it up and use the felt for something else!

  2. I can't wait to see this as it progresses. I've got a cabinet full of Palette myself. I used up a lot of it making hats this winter but I've still got a lot in there. When I get Mosi finished I might start a wild and crazy fair isle with it just be rid of it. I made the original Palette sampler sweater years ago and it's not for public wear, that's for sure. Unless the circus is in town lol....

  3. It definitely is all in how close we are to the colors that we judge their value. Most people will not be seeing it from a foot away, so give yourself grace and keep going!

  4. I love it. I don't think anyone will see the colors the way you are while working on it. Keep knitting and then decide. At least that's my vote for what it's worth, which isn't much!!

  5. Jeannie, it may surprise you after it is off the needles. Thats a ton of hard work. Keep it up! !Im' with Betsy. Decide after, but before you cast off.

  6. I love the way it looks so far. I say go for it!!

  7. I love the way it is as you are going! You have talent in combining colors :)