Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sunday Supper - Summer Vegetable Soup

Why is it that I always instantly want what they tell me I can't have?  Potato chips, cookies, booze, yarn, tomatoes....  The very moment someone says I can't have it, I want WANT it.  

This Hashimoto's no tomato thing is proving to be much more difficult than expected.  But hey - what's better for me?  A few slices of tomato or a box of pity party cookies?

I'm thinking tomatoes are a much better choice.  So....

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Summer Vegetable Soup from
This Summer Vegetable Soup recipe really doesn't even have that much tomato in it.  Or calories.  A cup and a half only has 210 calories according to the recipe.  It does contain quite a bit of sodium but hey - it's summer.  I'll sweat that out pretty quickly.  Or at least I would if I put down my knitting and went for a walk.


  1. I made a big pot yesterday. I had to use up all my veg from the last delivery that were looking pretty sad. The last thing I wanted for dinner was hot soup in this weather but it was good. I think I'll make some bread today to go with the leftovers.

  2. I don't see any meat in that soup, I bet it would be sooo much better with a big piece of meat in that soup. LOL

  3. That looks so fresh and so good!!!

  4. The soup does look delicious. I'll be making some homemade chicken and noodles on Tuesday. It's only supposed to be 51F that day. Soup will be good.