Sunday, June 21, 2020

Sunday Supper - Father's Day

Wishing all the dads out there a happy Father's Day.  I'm also wishing my husband a happy birthday.  Ha!  I got to combine the holidays this year and only have to cook once.  It's feeling a bit like Mother's Day.  :)

Pulled Pork Rub from

And yes, I'm cheating a little bit on today's recipe.  Rather than a 'real' recipe, it's a recipe for Pulled Pork Rub.  I've never tried this particular recipe before but I use this type of thing constantly.  I make giant batches of it and not only use it as a rub, but I also keep some in a salt shaker to sprinkle on chicken or pork chops.  I love the salt shaker method because touching the raw meat sort of whigs me out.

Oh and I just remembered that today is also the summer solstice.  Happy everything day!


  1. Three in one! Good for you. We are on the down side of the grocery delivery so The Mister is going to have to take pot luck. He wanted a bushel of crabs but the prices were terrible.

  2. I looked at the recipe and it sounds wonderful! I think I'll be making some of that rub myself. Thanks! Have a great Fathers Day.

  3. Happy everything day ! love it. Rubs ...I think you really have to have a knack for rubs

  4. We love our meat rubs! Hubster keeps a blackening rub on hand for everything. He's had to back off the heat for me. LOL