Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Scottish Highlands

Simple garter stitch and lace shawl knit with fingering weight wool from Cozy Color Works.
Scottish Highlands Shawl

I feel like all I ever do is apologize for my photos... but please, accept my apology for this one.  I finished my Scottish Highlands shawl and celebrated by spending the rest of the afternoon sunbathing with a bottle of wine and I didn't think to photograph the shawl until the sun had gone down.

Hopefully I'll get the ends woven in and get it blocked today.  I'm looking forward to the lace section looking like lace instead of crumpled up, wrinkled fabric.  The yarn is So soft and squishy and despite it being only June 2nd, I cannot wait until fall gets here so I can wear it.

I guess I need to apologize again.  There are no links in this post because I'm working with VERY limited internet.  I barely had enough to open Blogger so that I could write this.  I'm afraid if I attach links, I won't have enough left to publish this post.

And with that, please note that it may be a few days before you hear from me again.  I've got a week to go until my Hotspot resets.  Yikes!


  1. Even unblocked, it looks lovely!

  2. It is so beautiful (even unblocked). Good luck with your internet situation.

  3. How pretty! When that lace opens up it's going to be spectacular.

  4. It is beautiful, congrats on the wonderful finish.

  5. What a pretty shawl, even unblocked. And I love the colors you chose. Wishing you luck with the internet. It's always something isn't it?

  6. gorgeous shawl!! and the photo is fine, but I know what it's like to forget to photo, I do that all the time!