Friday, June 5, 2020

No more, no more, no more!

I can't buy any more yarn.  I just can't!  I had a bit of a reality check yesterday.

One drawer of my yarn stash.
Wool of the Andes Worsted

I keep my yarn separated by weight and if I have enough of a certain brand, by brand.  My Wool of the Andes drawer was a mess and I'd stashed a few new skeins of fingering in there just for somewhere to put them.  I decided to clean out the drawer.  

And, because I'm currently mad at my knitting and someone recently mentioned wanting to see my stash, I thought it would be fun to spend the day sorting and straightening all my yarn and taking photos of it.

Bad, bad idea!  I must not buy any more yarn!

Okay, so the Wool of the Andes pile is not that bad.  Thank goodness I knit that shawl a while back because that used up a lot of my WoA.

worsted weight yarns for knitting

My non-WoA worsted collection wasn't too bad either.

I have nine sweaters waiting to be knit.
Sweater Quantities

Oh, that's where most of my worsted is - in the Sweater Quantity box.  There's enough there for nine sweaters and all but two will be knit with worsted.

(Don't you like that confident way I said those sweaters will be knit?)

I need more yarn!
DK and Sport weight

My DK/Sport collection is embarrassingly small.
Knit Picks Hawthorne fingering weight yarn

Yeah, okay, okay.  I might have a slight addiction to Knit Pick's Hawthorne.  They don't show up well in that photo, but there are some Gorgeous colors in that pile!
Stroll and Paton's Kroy sock yarn

I obviously like dark and/or blue socks.  That's my Stroll and Paton's Kroy sock yarn collection.  Thanks to the blanket I knit last summer, my Kroy pile is much smaller than it used to be.

Fingering weight wool from knit Picks is excellent for fair isle knitting.
Yes, the Palette collection is ....  Well, let's just say, I probably don't need to buy any more for a while.  I didn't dump them out all together because I have several projects started and I didn't want to mix up the skeins.  The blue box is holding 22 skeins of various shades of reds, oranges and browns.  To the left of it is a pile that will one day be a striped cowl. Under it is a pile of browns and a few greens that will be a scarf.  To the right of the blue box is a container of blues and "watery" greens.  Under that is Christmas set - Peppermint Icicle, I think it was called.  It was going to be a Kaffe Fassett Coins scarf but I don't really like the way it was turning out so...  Who knows about that one.  Then to the right of that is a big drawer full of mostly whites, blacks, grays and greens.  Under that is the scrap pile.  Yep, I think it's safe to say I don't need to buy any more Palette for a while.

Store bought and hand dyed fingering and sock yarns.
Fingering weight
Obviously I like knitting with fingering weight.  I'm actually a little bit embarrassed by this photo.  Good grief!  The grouping at the bottom is from "people" while the top section is "store bought."  That's a whole single bed covered in yarn.  Ha!  And I thought I had a problem with Hawthorne yarn.  (Let's just don't think about the fact that the giant pile of Hawthorne yarn way up there in the list is also fingering weight.)

So that's my yarn stash.  It's all of my yarn.  Well, all of my yarn that's not in one of the 8,000 project bags I have.  Or the two big boxes of scrap fingering weight that I'm sitting here looking at as I type.

Good grief!

Oh my Lord!  I just remembered that I have another sweater quantity coming if the post office ever finds it.  It's currently lost.  Perhaps the post office is actually looking out for me.

No more, no more, no more!  I really mustn't buy any more yarn for a while. 


  1. I'd be a little embarrassed to post my full stash. Let's just say that my yarn stash might be comparable to yours, if not a little more robust, but I also have a fiber stash and a handspun yarn stash on top of it. I have a room to hold it (granted, it doesn't take up the full room, but I do need a room to house it because it won't fit in a room where anyone lives).

  2. You always have room for more yarn! I always thought I owned too much but then the pandemic hit and I am diving deep into my collections and enjoying them immensely!

  3. You should have created an excel sheet and got it all listed and categorized! LOL That would really blow your mind when you see that yardage number.

  4. I think your stash is lovely and just the right size ...........well, maybe a bit more. You know one more skein doesn't REALLY take up much room. There's always room for that perfect skein of sock weight.

    (Now, full disclosure) ... my yarn stash is quite mighty!

  5. Wow!!! Your stash certainly rivals mine! I loved seeing it all though. Big quantities of yarn make me weirdly happy. Daughter sent me a Knit Picks gift certificate for Mother's Day and I haven't been able to use it as everything I want is out of stock. Sigh.....

  6. Ok, so I totally understand you and your stash...I have 4 very large containers upstairs in my “craft room/office”, with yarn separated by weight - like you...and I have several large “decorative” baskets on the main floor of my house in several different rooms with recent acquisitions that are not insubstantial...and I have a skein or two on the coffee table as “art”! (Don’t ask about the project bags!)๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. No shame Jeannie!! !no shame!

  8. OK, this is one of the few posts I read this week that didn't make me do anything but SMILE! just think about all the joy that yarn represents - when you bought it, when you sorted it and thought about all the things it would become ... and then, when it does become. Happy Friday!

  9. sure you should.... I should tempt you with some new colorways....insert evil

  10. You make me feel so much better. :-). Seriously. I lo ve fingering weight yarn too and especially Hawthorn and Paton's Kroy Socks. There is absolutely no shame. It will all get knit with eventually. And you love it. That's what's important.

  11. I have made a huge effort to reduce my stash over the past few years. I am doing good and do not but near the yarn I used to. Still it makes me happy to look at all your beautiful; yarn, it is gorgeous. Shop the stash my friend.

  12. You are in good company. In fact I'm sure i have you beat. (Embarrassed).