Thursday, May 21, 2020

Three on Thursday - OTN

For today's Three on Thursday, I wanted to show you the three things I'm currently knitting.  Or not knitting.  Instead of knitting, I'm just picking one up, putting it down, picking up the next and putting it down, picking up the third and putting it down....

But before I show you my knitting, I'd like to threaten someone.  Many someones actually.  I'm going on record as saying I would like to kick the butt of every single blogger and person I've seen on any form of social media since the lock-down began who has mentioned doing jigsaw puzzles.  Good Grief!

Although I don't do them often, I've always enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles.  Ever since we moved in with my mother-in-law, I've had the urge to do one but that urge was never strong enough to go out and actually purchase one.  Until last week.

I knew there was something I was leaving out of the other day's Drama post.  I'd finally found a puzzle for under $20 and was so traumatized by it, I completely forgot to list it along with the other drama I've had going on.  It was that traumatic! 

That &%^$^%&%*&^$ Queen of Hearts puzzle was the last puzzle Target had on their shelf.  And it about kicked my arse.  All those frames!  And half the pieces fit perfectly with other pieces that they weren't meant to fit with.  It was Horrible. It didn't help that the available lighting I had was horrible.  I may never do another jigsaw puzzle as long as I live.  If any of you are local and would like this one, I would be most happy to pass it on, but I take no responsibility towards your mental state once you start working it.

Now for the knitting....

Mitered shapes knit with fingering weight yarn
Rambling Rows Afghan

My Rambling Rows afghan is the project I want to be knitting on.  Besides loving the frequent color changes and the chance to use up some of my scrap yarns, I have this urgent sense of needing to get as much knit as possible before it gets too hot to hold it on my lap.  But this project has no deadline and is going to take forever.  It should be my back burner project.

A 2 toned shawl knit with garter and lace
Scottish Highlands Shawl

Of the two shawls I'm currently knitting, this Scottish Highlands shawl is the bigger of the two.  It also has no deadline.  But the  yarn is divine and I'm anxious to get through all the garter so that I can start the lace border.

Simple garter and eyelet shawl or scarf, knit with fingering weight wool

Of course, the Onete shawl will be the quickest of the three projects to knit, I do have a deadline for it, and I love the yarn.  But it's got M1L's and M1R's (make one left and make one right) which are driving me insane.  Yes, eight rows in and I'm already insane.  It's not like the M1L's and M1R's are complicated.  It's just that my needle is rather blunt tipped and my memory is horrible so every time I take the shortest of breaks, I forget which is stitch is which and have to dig out the directions.  If I could just focus on this one  for an uninterrupted hour or two, I'd be able to memorize the difference between left and right leaning increases and it would be a much more enjoyable project.  But... that Rambling Rows keeps calling me back.

I'm caught in a vicious, vicious cycle.  A knitter's life is never easy.

I'm not 100% sure Carole will be hosting a Three on Thursday link up today.  If you follow her blog, you know her husband was hit by a car recently.  Thankfully he is home from the hospital and on the mend, but Carole may be too busy taking care of him to host today.  But if she is hosting, please join me over at her blog for today's Three on Thursday party.  Meanwhile, lets all wish Dale a speedy recovery.


  1. I do my jigsaws online, I can control the number of pieces that way!

  2. Your projects are all so pretty. Scottish Highlands is amazing!!!

  3. I asked to borrow a puzzle from my daughter and so far it has been moved from the counter to the table. I seem to have developed a short attention span which is why I also have so many projects on the needles.

  4. I was never really a puzzle person, so it won't be something I attempt during the pandemic. I do, however, spend some time picking up and putting down various knitting projects. Yours are all lovely!

  5. Oh, this made me laugh...WITH you, of course (I hope!!). And those colors!! I'd be picking that one up all the time! What fun project.

  6. I have never, ever liked jigsaw puzzles. I work on the 25 piece ones with my grandkids and that's enough for me! Your knitting all looks fabulous.

  7. I am sorry. I know I am guilty of sharing the jigsaw love but I do hear you on the crappy quality of some puzzles. When you get a bad one it's no fun. It does look great though. It's quite the accomplishment. At the moment it's really all my brain wants to do. I sit and stare at my puzzle like a zombie some afternoons because if I try to put my brain to anything else these days I am always sorry.

  8. A knitter's life might not be easy but it is soothing and comforting!! love all of the projects!

  9. Your knitting projects look like WAY more fun than a puzzle.

  10. It's years since I've done a jigsaw puzzle but Mick bought me one for Christmas, I haven't started it yet though. You've got three lovely projects on the go, I'm not knitting very much at all at the moment, I think I've lost my mojo a bit.

  11. I think puzzles are fun, but to me they are a waste of precious time with yarn. Stay safe and well.