Thursday, May 14, 2020

Three on Thursday - Covid-19 Knitting

Well, it sounds like there were quite a few folks out there who didn't have the best Mother's Day.  I think the Covid-19 ordeal is beginning to get to all of us.  Actually, it got to me a while back.

Because so many of us are beginning to feel slightly certifiable, I thought I'd share a few funny, yet useful, knitting patterns I've stumbled across lately.  

funny knitted gift idea; covid-19 comic relief
Wine Glass Holder by Claudia Olson

Who among us doesn't need a knitted wine glass holder these days?  This holder will keep your hands free for those frequent mask adjustments and, if you tend to accidentally drink the whole bottle by yourself, you are much less likely to loose your glass when it's hanging around your neck.

Hand knit wig for Halloween, comic con or a simple game of dress-up
Hallowig by Megan Reardon

And what about your hair?  How's your hair surviving the Rona isolation?  Now, when you sober up and realize you might need a wigyou can knit your own.

knitted slug toy; knit stuffy, child's soft stuffed toy slug
Garden Slug by Cheezombie

Okay, this last one, the garden slug, isn't exactly useful but hopefully he will make you smile.  I know those lips crack me up.  There's no way I could remain sad and/or depressed if I was sharing my space with this little guy.

Whether you knit any of these or not, I hope the patterns brought a little joy to your day.  Hang in there folks - the isolation can't last forever.

Hope you'll join me over at Carole's for today's Three on Thursday link up.


  1. I'm determined to knit a Hallowig one of these days, just for fun, in something super bright and neon!

  2. Hilarious!! I could use that wine thingy only mine would hold a gin and tonic!

  3. If you live in Pennsylvania, it might just last forever. Quarantine has turned into a political pissing match. We even have our own Marie Antionette (Dr. Rachel Levine)

  4. What FUN designs! They are so smile-worthy . . . but especially that little garden slug. How adorable is THAT!?! :-)

  5. Definitely smile worthy. I love the slug, especially the lips. Thanks for the smile today, I think we all need it.

  6. Mission accomplished! Loved those :) I'm thinking the wig, in black, would be good for a Cleopatra costume...

  7. LOL! I will pass on the slug, it's almost kind of creepy. And I don't need the wig, since I haven't missed a hair appt through this whole ordeal. My niece cuts/colors my hair. They just opened up this week and my highlight was already schedule for yesterday. The last cut was done at her house, so I was able to keep my "natural" beauty through all this. LOL! The wine glass holder would be handy for my Mt Dew, but I am just not a wine drinker. Now, maybe if it had a Daiquiri!

  8. You made me laugh! I love all three. Stay safe my friend.