Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sunday Supper - Weight Loss Vegetable Soup

#cookingfromscratch; recipe for simple, healthy vegetable soup
Weight Loss Vegetable Soup from
Today's recipe, Weight Loss Vegetable Soup looks so good I'll probably gain weight.... But that's because I'll probably eat the whole pot full.  It looks and sounds delicious and I love that the recipe isn't exactly a recipe but more of a guideline.  

I'm also loving that this soup has broccoli in it.  I LOVE broccoli.  I love broccoli so much that back in my hormonal days, I'd crave broccoli rather than chocolate.  How weird is that??  But as much as I love broccoli, I don't think I've ever thought to toss it into vegetable soup.

Now, I just wish I'd been on the bread baking kick that everyone else seems to have been on since the Rona started.  A warm, fresh loaf of homemade bread would go great with this soup!

And now you know why I need "weight loss" soup.  It's not because of my love of broccoli.  It's because of my love of bread.


  1. I feel about cabbage the way you do about broccoli. I love that soup. We used to have it quite often. I think I'd better start making it again. I love that you can use whatever veggie you can find at the store.

  2. I could use a big pot of veggie soup today in this rainy mess. I have some cabbage but that's about it. I went through my delivery of fresh veggies like crazy. We did get some broccoli crowns but I never thought to put them in soup. I saw a recipe for roasting them and I've never thought of that either.

  3. That soup does look good. Our neighbor brought us fresh homemade bread while we were camping this weekend. It was perfect with our dinner last night.

  4. I love bread . I love bread. I love bread. My order from King Arthur flour , my first, hasn't even shipped yet. Bwahhhhh

  5. That soup looks so good and I baked bread on Saturday!!!

  6. It does look especially yummy!!! I love broccoli too! With cheese sauce, with butter and seasonings, in broccoli casserole, cheap cheese version, but you can sub in any kind of cheese you want!